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  1. TwwIX

    Rayman Origins coming to the PC! What? A DRM free game from Ubisoft? Hell must've frozen over. This looks like a fantastic game judging from the gameplay footage that i have seen. Not to mention that it received great reviews as well. I'll...
  2. TwwIX

    Gettysburg: Armored Warfare This looks really interesting. It's a steampunk-ish RTS/Shooter hybrid.
  3. TwwIX

    No More Room in Hell

    Nice to see this finally out. It's a zombie themed source mod.
  4. TwwIX

    Nitronic Rush It's being released this week and it's going to be free. This looks like a lot of fun. It reminds me of games like Wipeout and Extreme-G etc. Add a dash of TRON and this is the result.
  5. TwwIX

    Freddie Mercury reincarnated? Wow! Pretty impressive! :eek: He lacks Freddie's energy and showmanship but the voice is definitely there. He just needs to put a bit more "oomph" in his performance. He even resembles him.
  6. TwwIX

    Cancelled Avengers FPS What ****ing moron decided to cancel this? This could have been a blast. It even had co-op.
  7. TwwIX

    Warhammer 40k : Space Marine

    Here's TotalBiscuit playing the pre-order demo. Which will be out for everybody on Steam tomorrow. And here's some multiplayer footage
  8. TwwIX

    Green Man Gaming giving away games again!

    Today they started handing out several copies of Mafia 2 and Mount and Blade: Warband once their Facebook page reached 1500 Likes. I was amongst the winners. Got myself a copy of Mount and Blade: Warband. :) There were also two additional winners who got a game of their choice. They'll be...
  9. TwwIX

    Driver: San Francisco I know that it's been announced a while ago but i haven't been paying much attention to it thanks the bad after taste that was left over from the more recent titles. Could this redeem the Driver franchise?. I am just glad that...
  10. TwwIX

    Hard Reset (Cyberpunk FPS for the PC) Oooh! :eek: This is turning out to be wonderful year for PC gaming. :)
  11. TwwIX

    12 Minutes of Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Footage Very Nice! This looks even more atmospheric than its predecessor. I can't wait to play it!
  12. TwwIX

    Brand new project by Valve? I am intrigued. Apparently, the concept art is from Doug Church's canceled Steven Spielberg project.
  13. TwwIX

    BC 2 Vietnam only $4.99!

    This stuff works and it's 100% legit. You earn points and then can redeem a $10 off code for the EA store. You need 175 points for it. I did it like within 5 minutes.
  14. TwwIX

    Karl Urban as Judge Dredd

    First pic of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd in the upcoming, new movie. Source:
  15. TwwIX

    Source Code

    By 'Moon' director, Duncan Jones. Another promising science fiction movie to look forward to. 2011 should be a good year for this particular genre.
  16. TwwIX

    **** Skyline!

    The first Battle: Los Angeles trailer is out and it looks surprisingly good.
  17. TwwIX

    New Suckerpunch trailer Zack Snyder's movies may not have much substance but he certainly delivers when it comes to fun and crazy looking cinematography.
  18. TwwIX

    Safety Razors

    Who here uses one? I've been thinking of getting one and was wondering what brand you are using. I am currently using one bladed, disposable razors but they're not getting the job done. They're certainly better than the gimmicky, multi bladed crap that's out there but i need something more...
  19. TwwIX

    And the "Worst Company In America" award goes to... Congrats, Comcast! :cheers:
  20. TwwIX

    Zack Snyder to direct new Superman I thought that it was a rumor at first but looks it's true. I wish the guy good luck. I liked most of his movies. Let's hope that he can pull it off. If it were up to me, i'd cast Jon Hamm in the title role. He's the look and the acting chops. Just...