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  1. Drackard

    Steam Autumn Sale

    I'm usually all over the Steam sales, but due to a lack of funds and already owning most of the games on sale (thank you very much past sales!), my purchases have been very limited. In fact, I think the only games I bought were the 'Two World's pack(s). Also doesn't help that I just have a...
  2. Drackard

    Getting started

    Thank you for your insightful contribution to my original question.
  3. Drackard

    Getting started

    Cheers guys, definitely helpful! Bit of stupidity on my behalf when I didn't think to check the Dota2 subreddit, especially when I spend most of my shifts on reddit. Because they're fun?
  4. Drackard

    Getting started

    I don't even know where to begin. I got an invite to this a while back, but after a single bot game, I gave up. I play LoL on a daily basis and absolutely love it, so figured this wouldn't be too hard to get to grips with, though it seems I was wrong! I was all over the place, I had no idea...
  5. Drackard

    Strange stuttering problem

    I'd stick with the RMA. It certainly shouldn't be spiking the way it is. Out of curiosity, how old is the card?
  6. Drackard

    GTA V announced

    Yeah, I've been really slack in terms of forums for a while! Wasn't sure I was at the right place when I got re-directed to valvetime!
  7. Drackard

    GTA V announced

    I must be one of the few people that really enjoyed the realism to IV. I'm ashamed to admit that IV's the only one I've ever bothered to complete and I imagine it was that factor which kept me hooked.
  8. Drackard

    APB Reloaded

    Been meaning to play this since they released the Reloaded beta. I was in love with APB originally, regardless of it's unbalanced gameplay and bugs, it was still great fun with a friend.
  9. Drackard

    Brink Previews

    Pre-ordered this last night. Went with a PC copy, but after watching a few more of the gameplay trailers, I'm half tempted to go with 360 instead, purely because it looks like more of a console shooter and I'm scared it'll be a piss poor port :(
  10. Drackard

    ORION Spreads Her Legs

    It's like CoD and Halo: Reach had a baby and this is their deformed offspring! Not to discredit your work or anything. I'll reserve judgement until I've actually played it, but that's just the feeling I got from watching the trailer.
  11. Drackard

    Games: Rate and Discuss

    Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare - 8/10 Felt a little lacking towards the end and was much of the same throughout, but still ... Zombies + Cowboys ... it's almost an instant win for me. Putting aside the lack of variety etc, it was still quite fun. Dante's Inferno - 8/10 Never has a game...
  12. Drackard

    Dante's Inferno

    Thanks, but that's not the sort of advice I was after! I'm willing to give almost any game a try and I thoroughly enjoyed this one.
  13. Drackard

    Brink Previews

    I'll probably pre-order, waste a ridiculous amount of time on it, get bored, never play it again. That's how it usually goes for me with games like this.
  14. Drackard

    New Unreal Engine Kotaku Exclusive

    Someone pass me a tissue!
  15. Drackard

    Gordon should speak.

    Morgan Freeman for Freeman's voice!
  16. Drackard

    Dante's Inferno

    The majority of my souls went into the cross combo, health, mana, health gained from killing enemies and the divine shield. It was hard enough getting to this point, so I guess there's some sense of achievement in that alone. The hardest bit I've found about Lucifer on Hellish is the fact...
  17. Drackard

    Dante's Inferno

    So I've been slacking in terms of posting/viewing here recently, but I've managed to get to the end of Dante's Inferno on Hellish and now I'm completely stuck. After boggling my brain and injuring my thumbs for the past 2 days, I decided the only place left to turn for advice was you loving...
  18. Drackard


    Cheers :) Entered.
  19. Drackard

    Bizarre for sale / closing down

    It's a shame really. I loved the PGR series and Geometry Wars, need I say more? Yet to try the new Bond game so can't comment on that. If it was anyone else other than Activision pulling the plug, I'd probably be quite surprised.
  20. Drackard

    Bioware announces announcement

    Neverwinter Mechs.