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  1. Tacoeaterguy

    Computer Issue

    I'm having some problems with my computer and I need some help/advice. My graphics/computer in general have been acting up within the last couple of days. I had some minor artifacting in a few games, and then absolutely nothing while in others. This made me assume it was game related and not...
  2. Tacoeaterguy

    Anxiety and Panic Attacks

    Recently I partook in a certain substance the first time. (By the way this isn't a drug thread) Anyway, it really gave me a horrible and terrifying experience, that honestly lasted a couple of days. I had extreme anxiety under the influence of it, and I think it's really effected me in the long...
  3. Tacoeaterguy

    Free virus protection or w/e

    Norton Security just ran out of subscription on my computer, so I need a good, free virus protection program. Any suggestions?
  4. Tacoeaterguy

    Computer not recognizing USB headset.

    I just got a new headset, it's USB, and my computer doesn't recognize it, and no sound plays through it or anything. I was messing with my brothers headset about a day or 2 ago, and probably pressed something in this Realtek audio program, and now it doesn't work with USB stuff. Can anyone help...
  5. Tacoeaterguy

    Deciding to build a PC.

    I've saved up about 800$ and I was hoping to build a new PC with it. I made a thread similar to this around Christmas, but I was still financially low, so I decided to keep saving. I've taken a look at the stickied guides, and they are very helpful in telling me what components I need to build...
  6. Tacoeaterguy

    Dante's Inferno

    This sounds like a very cool game. I checked out the demo. Very fun. I'll probably get this when it comes out in a month or so. If its already been discussed and all, sorry. Anyone planning on getting it?
  7. Tacoeaterguy

    New Desktop/Laptop.

    Alright so my parents have agreed to buy me a new laptop for Christmas. The only problem is, is that I'm not sure if I should get a new laptop, or build a PC for cheaper. I already have 3-4 desktops in my house atm, and I'm running out of space. A laptop would be nice because it is very small...
  8. Tacoeaterguy

    Attack of the Ladybugs

    Every year, at the beginning of fall, a large swarm of lady bugs comes and invades my house. Specifically my room. They cover the sides of my house, and are very annoying. I remember about 5 years back, there we thousands just all over my yard. Everywhere you went you would see lady bugs. One...
  9. Tacoeaterguy

    Crying Blood Wow thats ****ing crazy.
  10. Tacoeaterguy

    An odd knife.

    A couple years ago, after my grandpa died, we just went searching for cool shit in his house. I came across a cool looking knife, so I took it. Now years later, I'm taking a look at it, and its really interesting. On the knife it says "Imperial Council - 1947" Under that is name. "W.C Lehecka"...
  11. Tacoeaterguy

    Oddest/Craziest thing to happen in a movie theater.

    One time I went to go see a movie with my brother and my dad. About half way through the movie, theres a bunch of the punk ass emo freaks messing around in the seats below us. They started throwing popcorn at people, and this one guy flipped the hell out. He's yelling at the top of his lungs...
  12. Tacoeaterguy

    Graphics card.

    Ok. I'm quite an asshole with the money. I was going to save up for a new computer, but thats just not going to happen. So I need to buy a new graphics card, again. The one I had on this computer was great, and I could play the games I wanted to fine on it. But there was one game I couldn't, so...
  13. Tacoeaterguy

    Foreign Amusement Park.

    Today I went to an amusement park. It was awesome. The rollercoasters were amazing. Later that day, I got thirsty/hungry so I walked up to a local food stand in the park to get something to drink. A lady that could barely speak english greeted me with a smile. So I asked if they served drinks...
  14. Tacoeaterguy

    Favorite game as a kid.

    What was your favorite video game when you were younger? Like age 6-10, or whenever you started playing video games. If this thread has already been made, I am sorry. I searched it, and didn't see anything so I think I'm good. My favorite game to start, was Pokemon Red and Blue for the...
  15. Tacoeaterguy

    I found a PC. Not sure.

    I am looking to buy a new PC, and the thread that is stickey'd was alot of help. I was thinking about buying this cheap, 400$ desktop, that has a geforce 9200.... I am not sure if I should do this, or save up for an even better one. I have soooooo many un-used PC games that I am DIEING to play...
  16. Tacoeaterguy

    Comfort Wipe... Just. Wow. Thats all I can say.
  17. Tacoeaterguy


    Alright. Maybe... 5 minutes ago... My dad walked into my room to say how he was leaving for work. He also added a tiny little lecture, which I will be stating. " I don't want to see you goin on that stuff on there with your friends. If your friends tell you to go onto that kinda stuff, don't...
  18. Tacoeaterguy

    What console.

    Alright. I own an Xbox 360, and so do ALL of my friends. But in that group of friends are some PS3 owners also. Most of my friends and say.... Stay on Xbox!.... but one of my friends, probably the most convincing person I know, says "sell your xbox and get a Ps3... there are so many better...
  19. Tacoeaterguy


    New here. Yep. Sorry. But anyway, I was just over my friends house, and I come home to see that internet explorer is up on my computer in my room. Ok.... that meens my dad was on the computer. Oh well.... Crap..... The history of all the sites I've vistited are up on the screen...
  20. Tacoeaterguy

    The problems my computer has had.. with hl2 deathmatch.

    Well, I had bought The Orange Box for my Xbox 360, and I loved it. So I decided to go to the PC version. Bought the games. I also bought team deathmatch, and another one from HL2 that I cant remember. Finally, I installed them, and started to load into game. Waited... atleast 6 minutes. I got...