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  1. theotherguy

    Enjoy this 1 hr. Zombie Prototype I made

    Vomited code for an hour for a class. Controls are WASD. Avoid green zombies for great justice.
  2. theotherguy

    Pick your Favorite Apocalypse

    How do you think civilization as we know it should end? Pick your doom, and explain why.
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    The Road

    I just finished reading the novel The Road by Cormac Mcarthy (author of No Country for Old Men, etc.) and thought it was excellent, easily one of the best novels I've ever read. Its basically an incredibly depressing and gritty post-apocalyptic novel about a man and his son trying to survive and...
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    >>>>>>>>>>>Download<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< BeeStruction is a game in which you control a hive of bees to grow, swarm, and consume everything in the game world. I was the technical director and lead programmer on this project, which was developed by Carnegie Mellon University's Game Creation Society...
  5. theotherguy

    The Colony

    Just finished watching the first episode of this show. It seems to be edited pretty poorly. They skipped by some of the most interesting segments (introductions, scavenging from a supermarket and fighting off looters, trekking through a river) in less than two minutes. Otherwise, it is a very...
  6. theotherguy

    The 12 string guitar...

    Is impossible to play... God, my fingers :(
  7. theotherguy

    Project Natal: Peter Molenuex talks out of his ass some more

    Would be cool, if it were real:
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    Project:Confidential is a game I made with Carnegie Mellon University's game creation society over a few weeks this semester. I did all of the programming and most of the art. Project:Confidential is an arcadey RTS game in which the player must protect schools, hospitals and orphanages from...
  9. theotherguy

    "Swine Flu" appears, quickly spreads to US. This is exactly what we've been fearing all along. This flu seems to have been spread from birds to pigs to humans. Most of those that are dead are young adults. This is usually the hallmark of a true pandemic. It easily spreads from person to person...
  10. theotherguy

    Somebody trying to hack my account?

    Munro just sent me an email saying someone was trying to hack my account: I changed all of my passwords just to be safe....
  11. theotherguy

    Human Computation I know that this is really old, but I just learned that this guy will be one of my professors next year. His class, "Great Theoretical Ideas of Computer Science" is apparently very fun, but also one of the hardest classes I will ever...
  12. theotherguy

    Mediocre performance on new machine, should I be worried?

    I finally got my new PC built and running, but I'm a bit disappointed with the performance. I was wondering if I should be expecting this kind of performance from this hardware, or if its a driver/configuration issue. I'm getting about 14-25 FPS on Left 4 Dead with all max settings on 1024x768...
  13. theotherguy

    Fed cuts rates to ZERO percent, begins flooding market with money

    This is very VERY bad. Remember Zimbabwe? Remember Germany during the Great Depression? The government has run out of options, and is now printing new money. In the short term, this will get credit going again, but in the long term, it could mean hyperinflation.
  14. theotherguy

    Critique my Build!

    I was thinking about building a new PC this Christmas to replace the one I built in Christmas of '03, and I wanted to know what you guys thought of this build: Motherboard: ASUS P5N-D LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard...
  15. theotherguy

    The Secret of NIMH

    This was the most underrated and awesome nostalgic children's film, no? I rented it yesterday just for the nostalgia, but its not quite as dark and epic as I remember. But it was pretty complex for a children's animated flick.
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    This is a shameless plug for my game, RocketPod You will need Java 6.7. to run the game. It was made by me in association with the Carnegie Mellon Game Creation society. Although it isn't "done" by any means, we're having a release party on Friday. RocketPod is a top-down, 2D shooter in a...
  17. theotherguy

    My guitar broke :(

    My Agile AL 2000 broke a couple of days ago. The signal started going in and out, and it got to the point where I had to constantly hold the cable in place to get any signal. Eventually it stopped emitting signal altogether. Something tells me its just a snapped wire around the 1/4 inch jack...
  18. theotherguy

    GM to go bankrupt by early 2009, Ford by 2010, ask for $25 Billion bailout That's right folks, the Big Three are about to become the Big Two or even the Big One if Uncle Sam doesn't do something about it. 25 years of poor decisions, shitty cars, and failure to meet market demands have left the giants of American industry...
  19. theotherguy

    My ideal zombie game

    After playing the left 4 dead demo (an utter disappointment), I started thinking about what my ideal zombie game would be. What I would like to see someday is a single-player zombie survival horror game that plays something like a cross between Far Cry 2, Stalker, and Resident Evil 4...
  20. theotherguy

    Art Request for the Game Creation Society

    Hey, I'm in a club at Carnegie Mellon University called the Game Creation Society where we basically build video games in small teams from the ground up in a semester. These games are then hosted for free on our website: And at the end of the year we present them to...