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  1. Druckles

    Project:Blue Room

    Hello It's been a while. I've spent the past few years attempting to do a PhD, and as a part of that, I've designed a short experiment in the form of a Half-Life 2 mod. If you're interested, and anyone's actually still around here, I'd really appreciate it if you guys had...
  2. Druckles

    Getting HL2 key bindings in Hammer

    I'm looking to show a text message in Hammer with a hint, e.g. "Press Space to jump." I'm wondering how to get the player's current key bindings for a key. How do they manage this in the HL2 games? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Druckles


    So I'm looking to backup my harddrives. I've got a 250GB running Windows 7, a 250GB disk with my data on, a spare 750GB, and 1.5TB on an external drive. I'm planning on moving the W7 250 to the 750 and then installing Linux on it. Originally I partitioned the external drive to reflect my...
  4. Druckles

    Pavement Patty

    Came across this on Digg. Source Less inconvenient than speed bumps, true, but the first comment seems to sum up the inherent problem. You'd have to make sure each image is different enough, otherwise people would grow accustomed to the girl wherever they go, and you'd need to keep...
  5. Druckles

    A Few Computer Tweaks

    I've been wanting to upgrade my processor for a while, now, but since recent overheatings, I thought I'd take the opportunity. My current specifications are: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ ATI 512MB HD3870 2GB OCZ RAM MSI MS-7250 K9N SLI Platinum Unfortunately, my motherboard apparently...
  6. Druckles

    Mancunian Valve Merc for Christmas

    So I've been looking at getting some Valve merchandise from the Valve Store, recently. Unfortunately there's a $27 international shipping fee. I'm wondering if anyone around the Manchester area fancied getting some Valve Merc and fancies 'teaming up' to reduce the shipping cost. I'm not too...
  7. Druckles

    New to Gmail - Themes!

    I felt I should share with you Google Mail's latest feature, as it's possibly the most noticeable feature to come to it in almost a year. Gmail (or Google Mail) is now equipped with 31 selectable themes, similar to Google's iGoogle page. There's not much to say about it other than it's awesome...
  8. Druckles


    So I don't often make threads. I lack the imagination. But right now I'm considerably bored. Which is weird, considering I shouldn't be. I've downloaded over 14 games in the past couple of weeks, I've moved into new halls at a new university and nothing's going particularly badly. So I'm sat...
  9. Druckles

    Steam Problems

    Run-Down After several months on-and-off of trying to fix my brother's PC, I've finally given up and turned to you,, to seek your help. The PC is question was recently built by my dad, replacing a machine which was barely able to run Half-Life 2. So, of course, having been built, they...
  10. Druckles

    Pyro Update and Website Revealed

    Ok, I couldn't be arsed waiting for Digi to finish his "long post". Instead, I thought I'd direct you to the website where you can get a hands on for yourselves: God, all I can say is that that is awesome shit! Flamethrower now appears to...
  11. Druckles

    The Monetary Sign

    Every once in a while, I'm sure one of these threads pop up, reminding Munro that our beloved ?GBP symbol doesn't work, similarly with the ?EURO symbol. I was under the impression that it would be fixed in the latest update. It was most notable in this thread. Which isn't particularly...
  12. Druckles

    Battery powered wireless router

    For current project at work, I require a wireless router, or bridge, in order to connect a laptop with a device. The general specifications are that it must be robust, portable and durable. The main criteria, however, is that it must be battery-powered. This is where I stumble, as even after...
  13. Druckles

    Smoke: a London Peculiar

    Or at least that's the third website in a Google for "Smoke", the most interesting of the top results. Happy Birthday to our very own Smoke who just turned 19. Wish you all the best on your birthday and hope you get absolutely hammered. Tomorrow would be an interesting date for birthdays...
  14. Druckles

    You Missed a Patch

    So I've been shaving for a good number of years, now, as have alot of members on this board, I'm sure. This discludes anyone who hasn't had the magical week of growing that first hair really proudly until someone gets so pissed at it that they pull it out, people who have lost their jaw to dogs...
  15. Druckles

    The "Report" Tool

    I am often motivated to click the "report" button to indicate to mods that there is a thread or a post that requires moderator action, for example closing/merging an unecessary/deprecated thread, or moving one in the wrong section, or some other example of moderator action outside of rudeness...
  16. Druckles

    Problem with Icon Bar Rendering

    I was in the Help and Support desk for HL2 and came across this: the icon bar next to the thread title is 0px wide (where my warning emote is); not sensible. Was viewing it in Firefox as is evident. Eat your heart out, forum designer. Second bug I've found today. Warning: I will probably...
  17. Druckles

    "Save Draft" Under New Post

    Was reading through a thread just now, the Zombie Con, no less. And I realised that I kept wanting to jot things down, but not actually post them. Prepare a draft for the post, if you like. It got me considering whether it might be a possibility to save a draft in a thread which is essentially...
  18. Druckles

    Druckles' Random Artwork and WIPs

    Hey all, had a thread with similar intentions, but it was spelt incorrectly, and it didn't outline the specifications I wanted. So I created a new one. Stopped posting in it anyway, because I got a Deviant account. Haven't used that in aages though, so it hasn't served much purpose. Besides...
  19. Druckles

    People You'd Go Gay For (ZT)

    Well, as ZT hadn't done it, and creating threads is awesome... The title was originally "Famous/Semi-Famous People" but I decided it'd be better to give you freedom of choice. It means you can include members, or even friends, if you dare. If you don't think you could actually "Go...
  20. Druckles

    My Hat, My Hat!

    Just curious as to whether anyone knows where I received my hat. I believe I obtained it long ago from a member of this community. But am not sure as to whom it was from.