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  1. Mech Man

    Robot Dinosaurs

    That shoot lasers when they roar. A pretty simple shoot em' up but the story / characters are awesome (and worthy of their own thread , if you disagree then your a heartless old sack of stick-it-notes that have lost their stick).
  2. Mech Man


    So guys , what's your habit(s)? I have to constantly spin pens. Apart from sleep I'm almost always spinning a pen. I know some one who has to smell every piece of food he has before he eats it which can get kind of weird.
  3. Mech Man

    How did you get into gaming?

    How did you guys get into gaming? I first got into it when i played the first command and conquer (which i bugged my brother to allow me to play :P) , i was like 3 at the time and i have been gaming ever since. :afro:
  4. Mech Man

    Extreme eye-spy

    I though of this game in the chat room so i though it would be cool to try it here. Basically its normal eye-spy but due to it being done over the internet we dont know whats in whos room , i'll start ; Eye-spy with mah little eye something beggining with D. Note : be sure to write down what...
  5. Mech Man

    Oblivion mods.

    I recently got my PC copy of oblivion working and im thinking about getting some mods, can anyone suggest some good ones to try if i do?
  6. Mech Man

    I had a sudden urge...

    To draw anti war crap... I really do not know why , i had fell asleep on the sofa and woke in a daze and covered in sweat... And just started drawing , i was half asleep and did it pretty fast so please excuse the quality. (Im a crappy drawer anyway this is just worse though.) Edit : Aw...
  7. Mech Man

    Blue custom Blue cusom is a pack man styled game , i found it pretty fun and a good way to kill time , it may seem a little strange at first (at least it did with me) but after a while i found it a bit fun so you might too.
  8. Mech Man

    Am I emotionally disturbed?

    All of my friends keep saying im strange because i hate everything and that i say the world would be better off if we (the human race) were all dead. It just seems normal to me , and the matter of fact that i have no good feelings towards anyone exept maybe my GF. They keep saying i only have...
  9. Mech Man

    This is an outrage!

    That dude who does the x-box 360 news announcement things named a news announcement for some crappy Halo thing "the cake was a lie" i mean what the hell does that have to do with halo?! :angry:
  10. Mech Man

    EA isnt sending mail

    So yeah , i went ahead and bought BC , i signed up for the news letter for the M60 but i never go my code and its been a day and a half now , then i registered my previous battlefield games for the other weapon. So then i set up my persona and gave my XBL gamer tag but the didnt send the...
  11. Mech Man

    What if a game war was declared?

    What if Jack thompson , now disgruntled at the court rounded up all of the people who agreed with him and declared war on video games? Would you fight for freedom? Who would win? I think we would win , we'll be all like "pow pow pow" and they would be like "argh! KPOW!" and we would have...
  12. Mech Man


    Im thinking of picking up some toms just for messing around with , nothing serious. I like the tribal sort of sound they make (at least when they are tuned low) and im wondering what would be a good size? My music room is about 12-15 feet long and about 8 feet wide so im thinking of some floor...
  13. Mech Man

    AoT map pack

    Two new single player army of two maps , an alternate ending is also included , pretty good because its also free. Exelent imo , even has new voice acting.
  14. Mech Man

    The "I hate Jack Thompson" thread

    Go here to post things that Jackie did to upset you. Or just to make fun of his incredibly low I.Q. Heres something i found earlier where he compared himself to Batman :rolleyes: (originally from wikipedia) Thompson would frequently attach a photocopy of his driver's license, with a...
  15. Mech Man

    My take on the 7 hour war.

    Heres my take on the 7 hour war using Gmod , The first screenshot shows the whole thing , lots of striders , gunships and other synths. The second shows dead xenian wildlife that was in the middle of the action. The third shows hunters clearing out survivours of an osprey crash. I...
  16. Mech Man

    Is it possible?

    I was thinking back to Raising the bar earlier and remembered about the idea valve came up with where outside the cities everything was one big desert. (im not sure but it was either due to the seven hour war or some combine method , most likely the air processing plant) Is it possible that...