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  1. Adrik_Senturu

    Hey, I think I have the clap.

    Some girl I knew back in highschool got the clap once, and stories spread around the school pretty fast, so cue her walking into the cafeteria for lunch and getting a standing ovation. I think she moved.
  2. Adrik_Senturu

    Anon's at it again; This time they're going after Mexicans.

    So why did the cartel kidnap a /b/tard in the first place exactly?
  3. Adrik_Senturu

    Dodging a Bullet (Aimed at the Planet (Earth))

    The picture in that article is kind of misleading. I remember reading about this a while ago and they had a second picture that also showed that the thing is also a pretty significant distance above earth, it's not going to pass directly between the orbit of earth and the moon. So not as scary...
  4. Adrik_Senturu

    What do your dads look like?

    I pretty much look exactly like my dad, except he's bald, so I guess in the future when I start losing my hair I will just have become him.
  5. Adrik_Senturu

    JesusWeen or how to get beaten up on Halloween

    **** ya'll JesusWeen sounds hella tight. Can't wait for the JesusWeen parties sippin the blood of our lord and savior (satan) with my bros.
  6. Adrik_Senturu

    Shia LaBeouf gets the beatdown by fat guy at Vancouver bar

    The boof was only good in that one movie about holes because he spends most of his time just digging shit up and almost getting killed by super rad albino death lizards or whatever they were.
  7. Adrik_Senturu

    Dark Souls Official Announcement trailer (Demon's Souls 2)

    I just beat the game, and am currently grinding my way through NG+. It's incredible how ****ing huge the game world is. Just when you think they can't introduce a new area, you find out theres a whole cavern/hellscape/catacombs/ or some gigantic underground lake. Even the painted world which was...
  8. Adrik_Senturu

    how do i pots thred

    the legend wil nevr die
  9. Adrik_Senturu

    Internet Story

    Yeah the ending is kind of obvious but it was definitely a cool video.
  10. Adrik_Senturu

    Breaking Bad Season 4

    In regards to season 5
  11. Adrik_Senturu

    Pictures of Yourself the "Jintor demands it happen" version

    what if i put this water bottle on my head am i still dead?
  12. Adrik_Senturu

    Breaking Bad Season 4

    Seriously satisfied with the finale
  13. Adrik_Senturu

    how do i pots thred

    Yeah I see Qonf pretty regularly on facebook too, so I directly related that to "he probably still posts on all the time". The way the posts look the bored now is totally weirding me the hell out but I'll get over it.
  14. Adrik_Senturu

    how do i pots thred

    Hey everyone, totally posting a comeback thread right here thats right, im back and im totes going to post all the time. This is directly related to me wanting to die literally every day (lol if you dont). Plus also maybe ZT said something to me like "why did you leave me" like 5 weeks ago, or 5...
  15. Adrik_Senturu


    not enough dogs on this page, gonna fix that real quick
  16. Adrik_Senturu

    I'm more Jewish then you!!!11!!1!!1

    "G-g-g-g-g-g-giiiiirrrrrlllsssss????" - Jews
  17. Adrik_Senturu

    why did I even sign on here jesus christ ugh

    why did I even sign on here jesus christ ugh
  18. Adrik_Senturu

    Chaplins Time Traveler?

    its me. im the phone.
  19. Adrik_Senturu

    The Social Network

    Not really. I mean obviously a lot of it is created for the sake of a movie but Zuckerburg is pretty much exactly how Eisenberg portrays him in the movie.