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  1. Kybern

    Have a question for guitarist out there...

    what is the guitar the guy has at the end of I want to know as well as he does! Please tell me! :) Thank you!
  2. Kybern

    Hilarious HL2 video I made!! :laugh::laugh::laugh: If you have a youtube account please rate/comment, thanks!
  3. Kybern

    Gmod question.

    I am making a Gmod stop motion video and I was wondering... Is Prnt Scrn then paste to paint the only way to take pictures in gmod? If not would you tell me the other way(s)? Thank you, ~Kybern
  4. Kybern

    Cake? Need a little help here...

    Ok, cake is a lie, cake isn't a lie. What does that mean? I heard it from portal, I also heard that the truth is: cake isn't a lie. What does that mean? Please help! :D
  5. Kybern

    How do you be crazy?

    What I am asking (A crazy person on the fourms) how to be crazy? What are my limits? What kind of things should I say to be crazy? I WANT to be crazy :cheese:
  6. Kybern

    Need some help here - what are the forum ranks?

    Could someone list the posting levels? So far I only know: 0 = Scanner 20 = Manhack (Please complete.)
  7. Kybern

    I have a HL1 question about the servers

    Everytime I try to connect to a Half Life 1 server it disconnects me and says something about my Steam ID Ticket or something, need help REAL bad!
  8. Kybern

    Need a bit of help with: GMod

    Alright, I really want to delete GMod because I am done using it and it is annoying me being installed. I tried to go to steamapps folder and delete the GMod files but when I checked Steam soon after, it was still there though I deleted the files. I really need some help, Thanks.
  9. Kybern

    Unexplained Half-Life Mysteries

    Please post your unexplained half-life mysteries here, people you saw, things you've fought, places you've seen, that you have never saw/fought/seen in the game, rare glitches I am looking for you to post, so do the right thing and... Post It! :)
  10. Kybern

    Half-Life Questions

    Whoever has a question on HL1 & HL2 they may ask here, my question: In HL1 what is the names of all the chapters in order?
  11. Kybern

    I have a question, need someone to answer!

    Under my name (Kybern) it says I am a scanner, like on half life 2, why? Does it depend on how many posts you post? I need more info please. ~Thanks, hope you can help :)
  12. Kybern

    Hello everyone im new!

    Hello everyone I am new here and I love to play Half life, I also have Half life 2, im going to play it after half life 1, im trying to go in order. :)