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  1. Adrik_Senturu

    how do i pots thred

    Hey everyone, totally posting a comeback thread right here thats right, im back and im totes going to post all the time. This is directly related to me wanting to die literally every day (lol if you dont). Plus also maybe ZT said something to me like "why did you leave me" like 5 weeks ago, or 5...
  2. Adrik_Senturu

    The Social Network

    Why is there no thread about this. What is wrong with you people. 97% on Rotten Tomatoes? Just about everyone saying it's probably gonna be a shoe in for best picture? Or is it just a bunch of "lol the facebook movie" going on here or what. Seriously though, if you haven't seen this you...
  3. Adrik_Senturu

    The Social Network (Or: Facebook The Movie)

    Surprised this hasn't gotten a thread yet seeing as im pretty sure it played in front of inception in a lot of places, but I am seriously looking foward to this. Written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher? Sign me the **** up. For those...
  4. Adrik_Senturu

    MORTAL KOMBAT Mortal Kombat games have been shit for a while but I gotta admit that trailer kind of owns. Just give us a movie instead of a game, I'd watch it. I guess we'll have to wait until E3 to find out what the deal with this is.
  5. Adrik_Senturu

    Welcome to Judge Rotenberg Center where we torture the mentally handicapped! I dont even know what the **** anymore.
  6. Adrik_Senturu

    Guns and Pork

  7. Adrik_Senturu

    Chatroulette - Why doesn't this thread already exist? (NOTE: You dont need a webcam to chat, you can just connect to people and all they'll see is a black screen.) Welcome to chatroulette. It's basically Omegle with webcams. Don't know what Omegle is? Well **** you. Basically, it connects you to a random person and...
  8. Adrik_Senturu

    Cats eating cats

  9. Adrik_Senturu

    Now I can finally be a cyborg Now of course it isn't a replacement for a real hand, but the fact that the damn thing can FEEL is a pretty huge ****ing step. What's even crazier is that they made this in 10 years. They went from concept to functioning, feeling, robotic...
  10. Adrik_Senturu

    So is my house haunted or what

    I'll just go ahead and copy pasta what I put in the youtube description: Oh yeah heres the video: But yeah like I said in the description, im gonna record myself moving in and out of the room with my brothers camera phone to see if I can...
  11. Adrik_Senturu

    Crank 2 This will be the greatest movie ever.
  12. Adrik_Senturu

    Heroes Vigilantes or Who cares.

    Well I do, the last few episodes before the break were actually pretty decent, and I actually liked tonights episode so maybe the show is back on track? WHO KNOWS. in other news:
  13. Adrik_Senturu

    Hey Guys! Im making a movie!

    Yep! Totally serious right here, this is going to be my journey. I decided I'd start a video diary so you guys can keep up on our amazing ****ing process, but let me tell your right now that this is going to be the greatest movie ever made.
  14. Adrik_Senturu

    Merry ****ing Christmas Welp. I am now having further horrible visions: Fox releasing the film only after tinkering with it. Edit: OH MOTHER**** just found this: All is lost.
  15. Adrik_Senturu

    Rara Racer This is the game of the year. dont let the screen fool you. (no seriously download it and play it. It'll pop your monocle off!)
  16. Adrik_Senturu

    The Party

    Hey, guys im throwing a party for a bunch of friends, any music suggestions and stuff like that? Thanks in advance guys :thumbs:
  17. Adrik_Senturu

    holyshit a girl on the internet

    Hahaha, wow. Just wow. I thought I was the only person who ever watched that show, good madam, even though a lot of people do. God, that takes me back. That is definately one of my favourite shows of all time even though I have never actually watched it (but I read the Wikipedia entry on it...
  18. Adrik_Senturu

    How about sarah palin last night?? HMMMM? *crowd goes wild* you can't spell how it sounds with letters you just gotta watch it HEEEIHGHH
  19. Adrik_Senturu

    Live Fast, Die Young. The plight of today's Urban Black b

  20. Adrik_Senturu

    Lets yearbook ourselves. LETS GET THIS SHIT STARTED. EDIT: **** WHAT HAVE I DONE