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  1. Naph

    Giant Dinosaur Eggs Discovered

    Batch of dinosaur eggs found in Russia's Chechnya region There is a good chance that they would be taken under display after testing. If they find more and they turn to be authentic, hopefully the eggs will find themselves travelling the world.
  2. Naph

    Kanye West Sued!

    Not very exciting news, but I know there are some people who like to see him squirm. Only $500,000? I'm sure that it's only a chip off what is his huge fortune.
  3. Naph

    Another Tim Shtacker Game

    I don't know where I was going with that title either. Yes it's a Tim 'Double Fine' Schafer game. Yes it's a brilliantly aesthetic, intuitive and original puzzle game. Yes it's on sale until tomorrow. But wait there's more > For the same amount of...
  4. Naph

    Nope, not going to happen.

    Chase is not receiving birthday wishes from me until he apologises. Apologises for his recent uncharacteristic maturity and lack of indecency towards hl2 members. Hope you wake up to dick.
  5. Naph

    Hawken BETA

    Sign ups are open for the beta of HAWKEN. The free-to-play indie game releases at the end of this year and the beta will run until a little before then. It's an FPS with walkers that would appeal to Unreal or Quake players. I've heard great things about the multiplayer and frankly the gameplay...
  6. Naph


    How is it achieved. How are you able to do what you necessarily don't want to but have to do. I've been trying to get myself to do things that would become foreign to my current lifestyle and routine. My first step was to drink at least 1.25L of water per day with regular glasses of water...
  7. Naph

    Diablo III Auction House

    It uses real money. There is a whole list of FAQ's on the link as well that gives an in depth look on the whole system. Honestly this maneuver might be a bad idea because bots now have a bigger incentive to do what they do best. But who cares, they pay for the game, they make the money which...
  8. Naph

    Config.cfg will not stop reverting back to old settings.

    It just won't stop! I've tried turning off steam cloud sync and still nothing. Deleted the local game files, NOPE! Anyone else have this retarded problem and has some fix for it?!
  9. Naph

    It's not over for Queensland.

    In a few hours, cyclone Anthony will sweep over the northern part of Brisbane. Over which areas that were affected by the previous flooding and stretching far up north to Cairns, which will be the most severe. Cairns residents have been evacuted south to stay for the week for the second cyclone...
  10. Naph

    Hot Drinks

    Wendy's training videos. They are incredible and well produced, which is scary given all the other training videos.
  11. Naph

    Yeasayer Live Performance in 30 minutes

    A part of the Triple J Splendour segment for the next 3ish days. First up is Yeasayer and you can listen it to here.
  12. Naph

    Img tags Youtube.

    Placing youtube links within img tags ends the box of which the post is in below the Youtube link and the background where the post box is to end. Complete with hilarity.
  13. Naph

    Suckers to finally step into the Limelight

    <3 I sat there listening to Afterthoughts with a huge grin. The highs and lows of it all fills you with this chest clenching glee.
  14. Naph

    Problem with dx detection.

    Here's my Dxdiag Notice the Motherboard isn't being detected. :( This was brought to my attention when I trying to fix frame issues in World of Warcraft Raid Encounters. I have a M3A78-T Asus and I wish to know if it is a serious problem, or able to solve my other problem :P
  15. Naph

    Disney Returns to its Roots: Classics!

    The new movie from Disney is nearly upon us, and to those who haven't heard of it, it is the classic fairytale of the Princess and the Frog. The trailer is here: But from what I've seen in Disney homemovie collection is that they've gone CGI dominant...
  16. Naph

    Favourite Sandwich Combo; Visual Aid Style!

    Without fail, mine would have to be: Mostly press toasted and buttered depending on the mood, lighting, solar position etc.
  17. Naph

    To Naudian

    I Wish your special day to be filled with grief, and misfortune. :thumbs:
  18. Naph

    Large Art Project based on Toilet Door.

    As you can see, I'm not the photographer. Yes that is my toilet door and yes that's my subject matter. It will be a very vibrant, Blizzard's Wej, crisp style landscape which I will hopefully complete within 3 months. I will keep this thread alive to NAIL DOWN WHAT I HAVE STARTED; and also to...
  19. Naph

    Recommend a Godlike Gigabyte Gouter.

    I am not returning to Netgear after they upgraded my firmware for a slight stability increase and on the side utterly destroying my Messenger Live/MSN Clone connectivity. You may remember my cry for help in my last thread about that problem; I found the reason. Upon finding out about the...
  20. Naph

    Nostalgia Depressing Fairy-tales

    I've been ripping my hair out to find this show. I recently was browsing most of John's Brack work and I suddenly remembered a show from when I was young. It featured the same art style as Collins street 5pm: And the the 10 minute episodes consisted on a 're'telling of fairy tales with...