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  1. Chris D

    Happy new year

    From us all at and...
  2. Chris D

    Infraction system changes

    No problem!
  3. Chris D

    Infraction system changes

    We have warning points. I’m sure someone has some.
  4. Chris D

    Half-Life: Alyx announced

    YES! I knew it. Half-Life 3 ****ing confirmed. At last.
  5. Chris D

    Forum update

    It did 😆 Glad you agree. It was a contentious change at the time. There are still some who argue that an additional click is somehow too complicated or unintuitive 🤔
  6. Chris D

    Half-Life: Alyx announced

    I'm so old having waited this long for a Half-Life game that I'm not even going to be getting a compatible VR system. My daughter has absolutely insisted that we get PSVR, so that is what I've ordered 😧 I guess I'll have to treat myself to a PC upgrade and a decent headset in a few months...
  7. Chris D

    Forum update

    It's done already!
  8. Chris D

    Forum update

    It's about time we updated the forum! We're currently running a version of XenForo 1.5 from 2016 and the latest version is XenForo 2.1 which was released this year. Here's an idea of what we have missed since then:
  9. Chris D

    Forum Artifact Preservation Project

    Probably best just to upload images here directly using the "Upload a File" button. We've never deleted any images ever uploaded here and disk space isn't as much of an issue as it was - @StarMonkey hosts us now. Imageshack did some nonsense where they moved to a paid model so can understand...
  10. Chris D

    Contact form is not working

  11. Chris D

    Latest Member: Test User

    BTW, if you find any bugs with the site as it stands, please create a thread for each bug in this forum:
  12. Chris D

    Latest Member: Test User

    Only just found out registration was closed. Now fixed. We're undertaking some forum upgrades at some point.
  13. Chris D

    Forum Artifact Preservation Project

    We didn't lose attachments when we switched to XenForo.
  14. Chris D

    Half-Life: Alyx announced

    Is it really that time again? We're very excited about the recently announced Half-Life: Alyx. As you might appreciate, it's been a while since we posted any content here. While we cannot promise a resumption of full news coverage, we will attempt to cover Half-Life: Alyx as we learn more...
  15. Chris D

    Seems we'll have new Half-Life game. What's some life events you've had since Orange Box in 2007?

    1. Moved out of mother's house and in with girlfriend in 2007 2. Changed job from retail PC repair technician to business desktop/server/network support in 2008 3. Rented first house (not apartment) in 2009 4. Became a Cisco Certified Network Associate in 2010 5. Got married in 2011 6. Had a...
  16. Chris D

    Steam Trading Implements CAPTCHA to Curb Outbreak of Malware

    Is it the "I am a human" checkbox? That does tend to be much more user friendly. These forums will have that eventually. We recently implemented the new version into XenForo.
  17. Chris D (old name) used to have a image/picture library in profiles

    @StarMonkey would be able to see if there's any sort of backup lying around, or where the old files may be on the file system, but to be honest, I think it's unlikely.
  18. Chris D


    There seemed to be a consensus that the content was useless. It was out of date, that's for sure. At least some of the pages were.
  19. Chris D

    New ValveTime Design: Let us know what you think!

    Forgot to mention yesterday, Nick, but the block is cached. We don't want it to do a HTTP request out to Facebook for every user who hits the page, obviously, so it is cached for 15 minutes. We can adjust that to suit, but 15 minutes should be reasonable. Just bear it in mind when you upload a...
  20. Chris D

    Ban time.

    Ban this guy. He wants to ban me!