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    wtf is this, Willie.
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    Secret Santa Discussion 2011

    Got Red Orchestra 2! <3 you Sloth!
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    Secret Santa Discussion 2011

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    Secret Santa Sign Up & Wishlists - Closes Friday 16th

    I want in!
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    PC Beta Sept. 29th, 27th with Origin pre-order

    Did you have the chance to play Caspian Border? Cause that will give you a totally different impression.
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    PC Beta Sept. 29th, 27th with Origin pre-order

    Yup, Platoon.
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    PC Beta Sept. 29th, 27th with Origin pre-order

    Yeah CyberPitz and I couldn't complete any round tonight, it keep crashing at the end.
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    Portal 2 DLC to be Released Mid-September

    Doug Lombardi has told Kotaku that the upcoming Valve?s Portal 2 DLC is set to be released in mid-September, which "still technically summer" according to Lombardi.[br] The DLC will offer new test chambers for players, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more...
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    Sign Ups For DOTA 2 Beta Go Live

    You can now sign up for the upcoming DOTA 2 beta on the Official DOTA 2 website. It’s not clear how large scale this beta will be and when will it start exactly.[br] In the mean time, you can go watch the official debut trailer again, while waiting for gameplay footage tomorrow in Gamescom.
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    Valve Announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    [br]Valve announced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a new CS game targeted for release via Steam, Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in early 2012.[br] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will expand upon the team-based action gameplay and will feature new maps, characters, and weapons...
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    "Exile Vilify" Music Video Winners Announced

    1.00000000001th should've been #1.
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    What this guy said ^ Just go buy it if you haven't already.
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    QuakeCon 2011 Steam Sale

    [br]In celebration of the mega gaming event QUAKECON, Steam has started a four days of special deals.[br] In today's deal you can save 65% on the DOOM & QUAKE Complete Pack, which now includes Quake 4. You can get the pack here for $29.99 USD.[br] You can also get the QUAKECON Pack, a...
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    Uber Update Day 5: New Taunts, Lithograph, Art

    Yeah, it looks like it was taken from a F2P game...oh wait..
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    Uber Update Day 3: World War Wednesday

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    The " dirty keyboard" contest

    I just love this keyboard so much, I'm not changing it anytime soon!
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    The " dirty keyboard" contest

    There you go
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    "Final Hours of Portal 2" Now Available on Steam

    [br]Geoff Keighley's The Final Hours of Portal 2 digital book is an extensive, behind-the-scenes look at the making of Valve's popular game, and it's now available on Steam. It's currently available for $1.99, click here for more info.
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    Valve Announces Steam Daily Deals

    [br]Did you think your wallet is safe until next Christmas? Well, think again. Starting today, Steam offers a new 24-hour deal, every single day. [br] Starting with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising for only $5 (75% off). Enjoy wasting your money.