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  1. Kaptain H

    Commander Keen dating sim

    About as unbelievable as one, but I've accepted a job offer at id Software! I just wanted to share, since sharing game jobs seems to be all the rage around here, but I'm super excited to go work on the Rage team and work with the megatextures! id is seriously like, my number two dream...
  2. Kaptain H

    Original stuff from my brain

    Non-fanart commencing! Some of these pictures are pretty wide/long, so I'll just post a couple. Anyway, this is some of the other art stuff I do. Digital stuff A series of digital paintings related to music synaesthesia White cat (digital painting) Photography One of my ferocious...
  3. Kaptain H

    Kaptain H's barrel of fanart

    Hi there, I'm new. And I'm an artist, so I'll post some art. Here's a few of my recent Half Life/Orange Box drawings. Ravenholm (vector drawing) Portal - Chell