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  1. freakyflor

    What game(s)...

    should I ask my parents for my birthday? (Ps3,wii and pc) I've already got GTA IV, Battlefield:BC, Burnout Paradise, Uncharted, the OB, SSB:B, ... Please help -Florian.
  2. freakyflor

    Most awesome forum-member quote.

    Post it here!
  3. freakyflor

    Good book/movie.

    Hi guys, I need to make a presentation about a book wich also has been made into a movie. I already have: - Lord of the Rings - James Bond That's all Any other good suggestions? Thanx, -Florian Btw Hp isnt allowd...
  4. freakyflor

    Highest postcount member?

    Hi all, I just wondered wich member had the highest postcount on the forum.
  5. freakyflor

    No goverment...again! No goverment, again! Bring on the revolution :D
  6. freakyflor

    10th class

  7. freakyflor

    Half-Life creatures in Spore

  8. freakyflor

    Cool Gordon Figure

    I didn't knew where I had to post this but anyway take a look at this this cool Gordon figure:
  9. freakyflor

    Angry Video gaming nerd goes to far.

    I'm not a fanboy but this really sucks. Edit: player/usermovies/147488.html?rdir=1&rdir=1&playlist=featured&
  10. freakyflor

    Hitman The Movie

    I'm not sure about this one.
  11. freakyflor

    *SPOILER* episode 2 strider slaying

    for all those who want to see some ass kicking action
  12. freakyflor

    have fun

    Well the orange box launches 14 hours and 55 min from now (thanks to , so to all who have pre-purchased have fun playing the three best games of the year :E
  13. freakyflor

    Is any1 gonna buy the orange box for ps3?

  14. freakyflor

    weird sign in city 17

    While i was replaying ep 1 i noticed a weird sign in Russian or something like that. While i always thought that city 17 was English (because all the civilians speak English)
  15. freakyflor

    The orange box: ps3 or pc??

    I face a difficult choice: will i buy the orange box for ps3 or pc?? I have a hp pc with 1 gig ram,a geforce 6600,a pentium 4 with 3.2 ghz. So if i preload it on steam i will have it the day it is released,i can play it toghter with the communtity and my friends,.... BUT will my pc be...