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  1. mechanicallizard

    Best offline split screen co-op shooters on 360?

    Title says it all. My and my brother are looking for any recommendations. So far I'm looking at left 4 dead 2 and borderlands 2. Any ideas?
  2. mechanicallizard

    iPhone gaming - I shall bathe in your hatred

    Recenty I was unfortunate enough to purchase an iphone. Now, £300 or so in debt, I begin to question my sanity at the time. Anyway to the point - does anyone here have any recommendations as to games? Free / paid / in depth / pick up and play / I try pretty much anything. So far everything...
  3. mechanicallizard

    whiskey needs mixing. perhaps

    That is not me. It is, however, representative of how stupid/drumk I feel right now. So the question. I am alone and have drunk faaaaar too much whiskay. which is good and also bad. because drunk and whickey almost finished. Also long distance relationships **** YOU ATLANTIC **** YOU *ahem*...
  4. mechanicallizard

    Strifelife2time its always me

    We used to have a Strife Lately thread in which to vent our daily problems, but this has since disappeared and so I am forced to create this. So I'm looking after a friends house while they're away for a couple days. Before they left yesterday they did a monthly shop and filled their huge...
  5. mechanicallizard

    hi gabe i wantt to know

    Hiello i want to askyou, gabe your supposedly the ****er in charge Will halflife 3 have iron sights. im not sure if it dhould im not sying it should im just asking. im not looking fo rCod mw2,56 oh ook my fgun id pimped with lam and acog i just want to know will it ave legit iron sights. it...
  6. mechanicallizard

    Sex with a Car

    I would. Slow and passionate. Oh yeah.
  7. mechanicallizard

    Taiwanese Gamer dies in Internet Cafe - No-one Notices Short article I know. RIP
  8. mechanicallizard

    Ghetto Hikes

    Some of probably know about this already. Pretty funny though:
  9. mechanicallizard

    German pensioner eats 64-year-old US lard Dont waste food you ****ers
  10. mechanicallizard

    Best of Russia photos

    Pretty sure Im in the right section. Just a collection of photographs, best of Russia 2011. Not sure if anyone else'll be too interested, but Ive always had a fascination with Russia. Not sure why, just one of those things I guess. Anyhoos heres a couple and the link...
  11. mechanicallizard

    Parents hide childs gender for 5 years I feel sorry for this kid. ****ing stupid parents
  12. mechanicallizard

    Ugandan Space Research

    Points for effort. At least theyre doing something constructive. Unlike these guys, just in case you need a reminder of what Ugandans do in their free time.
  13. mechanicallizard

    Saudis fear therell be ‘no more virgins’ and people will turn gay if women drive

    Read more: This is what happens. So control your women goddamnit. I wont be having this shit.
  14. mechanicallizard


    Did a search and nothing came up. Watched the pilot today, seemed like it could be pretty good. Anyone seen it? Opinions?
  15. mechanicallizard

    I leave for FIVE MINUTES

    So yeah i logged in for the first time in two years. you changed the colour scheme, its shit. Anything else i should know
  16. mechanicallizard

    Thailand on Monday

    Those are a couple of pics from an island called Balitung in Indonesia, I was there last weekend. Incredible place. And apart from me and my friend, there were only two tourists. BUT I'm off to Thailand on Monday by m'self. Not sure what to expect, I don't even know where I'm going to stay...
  17. mechanicallizard


    so im in abu dabhi airport. its 21:25 and myflight only leavesat 2:30. i go into the nearby bar (the only bar) 7 POUNDS FOR A PINT OF BEER **** off. fortunatley theyre giving out free baileys downstairs. i have claimed that spot. but still. 7 POUNDS? AN OUTRAGE I TELL YOU!
  18. mechanicallizard

    Dogs and cannibalism

    So. another dog thread. But it is indeed a serious and concerning topic. It started just over a year ago. My friend has three dogs, bull mastiffs, stong as hell. If someone walked past the gate, theyd bark, usual dog stuff. if they saw a cat, 'woof woof' and so on. but if a dog were...
  19. mechanicallizard

    its official: willie is growing up

    contrary to popular belief, willie can, and does, age. he is now 17. happy birthday dude, buy a beer and pretend its from me. (its the thought that counts)
  20. mechanicallizard

    tis time for another birthday!

    Samuraikenji, i pick you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY the fact that its his birthday it may not be written on his page, BUT I KNOW THESE THINGS. trust me. just stop reading now and say happy birthday.