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  1. Wanted Bob

    E3 2013 Games Thread

    So while there is likely going to be a large focus on the new consoles coming out this year (and we have threads to discuss those), I'm more interested in the games that are going to be announced or shown at E3 this year. What are you all excited about? Personally I can't wait to see more of...
  2. Wanted Bob

    Avatar Questions

    Hey guys, Sorry if this is a dumb question, should probably know this given how long I've been around here... What are the size restrictions for avatars? My avatar used to animate fine until I tried to switch it. The newer ones failed to upload properly and now my old one doesn't seem to...
  3. Wanted Bob

    Total War: Rome II

    After many rumours, the sequel to Rome has finally been announced! I've played all the Total War games since Rome, and it still remains my favourite so I'm very excited for this :D Here is the live action announcement trailer: A preview by PC Gamer...
  4. Wanted Bob

    Favourite Heroes

    Well, after about 70 hours of gameplay and countless bot matches, I've finally settled on some heroes that I really enjoy playing. Enchantress: Starts off somewhat slow, but is a great healer, and REALLY picks up with a scepter-buffed ultimate. Combine that with a slow, and you can start...
  5. Wanted Bob

    Prelude of the Chambered (made by Notch)

    Didn't see this posted anywhere, and I felt it deserved some attention. Prelude of the Chambered is a Zelda-esque game that was made by Notch for a 48 hour game making competition. He had a livestream up of him programming the game from scratch and I personally found it fascinating to watch...
  6. Wanted Bob

    Wireless Internet

    Hey Everyone, Lately I've been having problems with my wireless internet, and I was wondering if any of you could possibly give any advice (I'm running Windows Vista by the way). Basically the wireless internet works properly most of the time. However, occasionally (I'm talking maybe 4-5...
  7. Wanted Bob


    Hey guys, Wasnt sure who to ask about this, but is the calendar ever going to be updated past Dec 2009? I found it pretty useful for figuring out when peoples birthdays are. Not a big deal though, just wondering if its easy to fix.
  8. Wanted Bob

    Loved Creepy game, what do you guys think of it?
  9. Wanted Bob

    Personal Game of the Year for 2009

    Hey guys, So I know this sort of thread is pretty damn late, but after watching the awards show for 4playerpodcast (and searching for a similar thread of course), I decided to pose the question to you: What is your personal game of the year? The game should be from 2009, though if you...
  10. Wanted Bob

    Someone Beat WoW?

    From IGN: Damn, didnt know WoW had that many achievements...
  11. Wanted Bob

    Ping Problems

    Hey guys, Using the resident network at my university has mostly been a pleasent experience. However I've noticed some strange ping issues since I started using it. The connection to Steam is generally very good, sometimes I can get speeds of 2 mb/sec. Two games in particular I've...
  12. Wanted Bob

    Halo: Reach - Leaked Screenshots and Mission Details

    Some guy has apparently gotten his hands on an early build of Halo: Reach. Source: There are more details about the first few missions on the website, but beware of spoilers (I havent read any for this reason). What do you...
  13. Wanted Bob

    Supreme Commander 2 Preview and Trailer

    Article: Trailer: Sorry if this was posted before (I didnt see any threads about it), but I know there are quite a few people waiting to hear about this game. Reading the article as we speak :)...
  14. Wanted Bob

    Lock Settings

    Hey Guys, Is there any way for me to put a lock on my personal settings? My profile name keeps getting changed (by someone I know, of course) and it annoys me to no end having to constantly change it back.
  15. Wanted Bob

    Getting a New Laptop, Suggestions?

    Hey, So, this being my last year of high school, I plan to go to university next year. Along with that, I'm planning to get a laptop as well. The one problem for me is trying to find the right balance between a number of factors, and knowing you guys know a lot about various...
  16. Wanted Bob

    X3: Reunion

    Hey Guys, So after playing such space games like Escape Velocity Nova and Space Rangers 2, I decided to look for more space sims. I was very interested in EVE online at first, but I simply dont have the time or money to support an MMO, especially one with such a gargantuan difficulty curve...
  17. Wanted Bob

    New Prodigy Album

    Bought their new album "Invaders Must Die" a week ago, been listening non-stop. I personally find it to be a very enjoyable album, though given the trend that long running bands have, my guess is a lot of people are going to complain about how they suck now compared to their old stuff...
  18. Wanted Bob

    Resistance 2 Review Never understood what made the first one so compelling, but for those who are interested here is the review. EDIT: I gotta say, this one looks way better than the first...
  19. Wanted Bob

    This guy's desparate... Should we help him? :p
  20. Wanted Bob

    Two Spore Expansion Packs Announced Sorry if IGN is late again, but its new to me. The first one is new parts and paint, not very exciting. The second one plans to expand the space stage, which I'm very excited about.