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  1. Feath

    Football News: Scolari pulls out of England race.
  2. Feath

    Mo Mowlam dies at 55 After Robin Cook dying this is another famous politician to pass away. She used to be my MP (for Redcar and Cleveland). She once called someone my friend knew a wanker.
  3. Feath

    Robert Kilroy-Silk resigns

    He's resigned as leader of Veritas. I thought that it was only him in the party anyway. I can't find an internet link yet.
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    That crazy Bush,1280,-5123945,00.html This never seems to happen to any other world leaders.
  5. Feath

    Richard Whiteley is dead. I can't believe it.
  6. Feath

    Woman perverts the course of justice by calling rape

    This is just awful. I can't believe she did that. This really makes a mockery of all the woman who are actually raped and can't get their attackers charged. The poor guy as well. Imagine going through that.,,2-1643937,00.html
  7. Feath

    Patrick Stewart rushed to hospital

    No! Not Captain Piccard.
  8. Feath

    Sisters give birth at 12, 14 and 16 What a wonderful name. I hope he grows up to become a rapper, you can't see him becoming a doctor or a lawyer with that name. What? Surely she has more control over her daughters than that.
  9. Feath

    Fa Cup Final

    Woo, it's Arsenal Vs Manchester United. Who do you think is going to win? My money is on Arsenal. They seem to be getting back to their old selves. Also, Manchester United have all this Glazer worry about them. What does everyone else think?
  10. Feath

    Cannibis Granny spared jail Nice to know that she won't be locked up. I wish someone would deliever weed to my doors.
  11. Feath

    Peter Molyneux given OBE. Nice to see someone in the games industry given something like this. It's like it's being taken seriously or something. I was surprised to read that he was involved with Homeworld. I've just looked in the manual and it says "Special thanks"...
  12. Feath

    Robbie Fowler's celebration

    I was just watching Match of the Day and, in the Everton vs Man City game, Robbie Fowler scored a goal. After he scored he ran round the outside of the pitch tapping the top of his head. After the highlights the pundits (who all have names I can't spell off the top of my head) said "The less...
  13. Feath

    Blunkett quits Oh noes!
  14. Feath

    And now I'm leaving you

    Well, at about 6pm I'm going to set off to Uni. My flat doesn't have internet access and the computers are Uni aren't allowed to used for personnal net access. This means that I'm probably not going to post in these forums for quite a while. Although I'll check the front page every few days...
  15. Feath

    SI Games Announce Football Manager 2005 League List

    I know this won't be everyone's cup of tea but here it is: Football Manager 2005 is the sequel to Championship Manager 03/04. There's a new Championship Manager coming out but it's not made by the same people and it's got a totally new engine. EDIT: Dammit, i spent ages trying to lay out...
  16. Feath

    What Valve said (with Comments by Feath)

    A lot of people are unsure as to when Valve intended to send an RC to Vivendi. Some people are under the impression that Valve were going to send off the first RC when Half-Life 2 went bug free. I don't think that's the case. Here are a few quotes relating to the RC and the state of...
  17. Feath

    Dawn of War Beta Open again Hurry, before it shuts again. It'll be good for when you get bored of CS:S.
  18. Feath

    Counter-Strike Source Interview

    Counter-Strike: Source Interview at This includes the best quote ever Not much new info though but it's always nice to read something. EDIT: Link is dodgy, sorry.
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    Weird Spoiler videos from Fileplanet

    If anyone hasn't got Doom 3 yet (like me) and decide you want to have the first part of the game spoilt by watching someone else play it you can download the "Doom 3 Megapack" at Fileplanet. It doesn't really give any spoiler warnings. "A...
  20. Feath

    Anyone want to play Fantasy Football?

    I've decided to set up a fantasy football league for because I'm bored. Just go to and register. When it asks you which league to join enter the league code in the The league code is: 68273-13449 It's open to anyone, although it will...