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  1. Rico

    So I've been working on my own game: Rebirth - procedural survival horror sandbox game

    Hey folks, So it's been forever since on these boards, mostly because of the post title. During the spring last year, I started doing some game dev in my spare time when I got home from my day job. Long story short, Rebirth is that game and I've been hacking away at it in my spare time ever...
  2. Rico

    My first published Android app! (Munchkin card game related)

    So I recently started playing board games with my wife and a few friends, after discovering Munchkin over the holidays. I was kind of pissed off that they didn't include basic stuff like level counters and whatever with the game, so I decided to build an Android app for the heck of it, to do all...
  3. Rico

    Any other .netters playing League of Legends?

    So, since the SC2 beta has taken a break, my spare time is being sucked away by League of Legends. For those unfamiliar with LoL, it's a DOTA type game where teams of 3 or 5 unique hero characters fight it out from their bases in order to take out the oppossing team's buildings. It's a lot...
  4. Rico

    Xbox360 Squads

    Hey guys, I figured I'd drop by and see if anyone else had any interested in getting a squad(s) going for the Xbox version of the game. If anyone's up for some teamwork, let me know. Gamertag: Rico21745
  5. Rico

    Is anyone else becoming less of a PC gamer?

    So recently I haven't touched my gaming PC in a while. I got MW2 on Xbox and Assassins creed II and those are pretty much the titles I have been playing. Now don't get me wrong, I love playing games on my PC. The last game I played on my PC was L4D2, and I haven't touched that in the last...
  6. Rico

    Xbox360 or PC version

    Hey folks, So I'm definitely picking this game up but recently I'm starting to be a bit conflicted as to which version of the game to pick up. I have both a PC capable of running the game and an Xbox. However, I also have 7.1 surround on my xbox but not on my PC Anyone have any...
  7. Rico

    Good time to upgrade?

    Looking to upgrade my computer once more sometime soon, but I was wondering, is it really a good time to do it? I have: C2D e7200 @ 2.5 Ghz 2GB DRR2 800 Nvidia 8800GT Slot LGA 775 Mobo My computer handles current games fine, so I'm not desperate to upgrade or anything. I'm waiting for i7...
  8. Rico Xbox Live group?

    I was just now wondering if one existed already. You know, some dummy xbox live account where someone adds people's gamertags, and then you can just friend their one account, and automatically be able to see everyone who's online from I think it would make it easier to find some...
  9. Rico


    Has anyone seen this movie? If not, go watch it. Great movie, worth the watch.
  10. Rico

    Red Faction: Guerrilla

    I searched the forum and found only threads about the demo, so I figured I'd create one for the full retail game. I ordered the game this Saturday and I'm expecting to get it either tomorrow or Thursday. I played the SP demo and had lots of fun with the destruction, and the game has been...
  11. Rico

    Dawn of War II

    So I ran a search and all I could find was stuff on the MP beta. The game has been released for a while now. I just got it over the break last week and I have to say I've been enjoying the SP quite a bit. I'm not usually the kind of guy who plays RTS campaigns, in fact, I couldn't even finish...
  12. Rico

    Looking for more people to play with

    I'm getting tired of playing with so many bad players. When I say bad I don't mean bad at the game, anyone can learn, I mean just plain overall bad. Ragers, quitters, exploiters, rushers, people who won't knock zombies off you, etc. So I just wanted to create a thread where people looking for...
  13. Rico

    Got an Xbox 360 for xmas - Need some good MP games to play on Live

    Hey guys, So I finally gave in and got an Xbox for xmas, to go with a nice 42 inch plasma I got shortly before. Now I'm looking for some good games to go with it. Here's a list of what I have so far: - GTA 4 - Condemned 2 - Ninja Gaiden 2 - Devil may Cry 4 It would be great to hear...
  14. Rico

    Mobo/CPU/RAM upgrade suggestions

    Hey guys, So I bought my new 8800GT this March for my birthday, but my system is now being bottlenecked by my now aging CPu so I'm looking to upgrade. My current system: ASUS A8N5X Geforce 8800GT 512MB 2GB DRR 2100 mix and match ram (sticks of 1 GB, 512, 2x256 MB) AMD 64 +3800...
  15. Rico


    I come to you guys with a question: This is my first time filing taxes here in the US and as I was filling out my 1040NR-Z form (basically like 1040EZ but with a bunch of international immigrant extra stuff) and I was a bit stumped in one part of it. My questions is, what do I do if I...
  16. Rico

    Upgrade decision

    Hey guys, My birthday was yesterday and as a result I got about 200 bucks in newegg gift certificates to help me pay for a system upgrade. At the moment this is my rig: AMD64 3800+ 2GB DDR 2100 ASUS8NX5 (off the top of my head so model might be slightly off.. its a socket 939...
  17. Rico

    Coders of, need your help!

    Hey folks, I've been working on a programming project all week, and it's due on tuesday morning so I desperately need some help figuring out what I'm doing wrong here because I'm kind of stuck and can't seem to figure this one out. I created a structure as such: struct Employee {...
  18. Rico

    Coders of help me!

    Hey folks, I've been working on a programming project all week, and it's due on tuesday morning so I desperately need some help figuring out what I'm doing wrong here because I'm kind of stuck and can't seem to figure this one out. I created a structure as such: struct Employee {...
  19. Rico

    Best graphics card for $200 or less?

    Hey guys, My birthday is coming up near the end of March and my girlfriend was asking what to get me. Well, I told her I needed a new GFX card soon so she's considering it. Now, she knows nothing of GFX cards and is relying on me to pick it out. Problem is, I haven't had time to keep up with...
  20. Rico

    Computer won't boot after new HD

    Ok so I got a new SATA HD for christmas and today I go and unhook my old HD's (IDE 30 gig and 15 gigs) and then hook up the new SATA drive (Western Digital 320GB). This is where I start to have problems. I start my computer and it posts... the it hangs. I try to enter bios, my keyboard...