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  1. Ahnteis

    ATTN: Those with crashing/missing textures

    I don't know what causes the problem. I can confirm however that it's NOT hardware related. I had the crash/no texture problem on one computer but tried my other computer. Other computer was fine. Copied over all files from 2nd computer to first and BINGO all was well. Apparently the...
  2. Ahnteis

    FYI: PC Gamer "Upcoming"

    Figured someone might care. This month's PC Gamer (I don't know what the month printed on it, I mean the new one that just came) has a small note to the effect of: Last month we had the first exclusive review of Doom3. Next month we'll have another exclusive first review that will turn the...
  3. Ahnteis

    Slashdot - Valve servers hacked through other party servers

    Slashdot has a bit up about the source theft inspired by the recent Guardian article. (emphasis added) That last bit of info is new, and a nice slap-in-the-face for the people who blamed it all on use of outlook (which I hate BTW). Anyway, figured it might be of some interest to folks...
  4. Ahnteis

    Homelan Fed : Turning the Valve Off

    Spotted at that PlanetHL: Here's a clip Hopefully this article will help some of the people on this forum understand why this is a serious problem.
  5. Ahnteis

    Signtature Guidelines?

    I'm curious as to the signature guidelines of this forum. I've seen several signatures that are much longer the the messages they usually accompany. Sometimes much longer. (There is at least 1 person with a signature over 15 lines.) Is this acceptable on this forum? Should we "report"...
  6. Ahnteis

    Special Pre-order deals for people in US?

    I checked the pre-order sticky, but it's a UK deal. Has anyone found any cool pre-order deals for those of us in the US?
  7. Ahnteis

    Delay? The true story -- REVEALED!

    Of course, this may take me a few days. Depends on how bored/busy I am at work. First "episode" (Sorry, this one has 0 action. After this, the action should go up and the quality down. Hopefully there will be some entertainment.)
  8. Ahnteis

    Optimize Forums.

    Forum (and site in general) response time is goin up up up. (That's bad.) Have you considered removing some of the extras (like the "who's online") to cut down on your traffic? Also, you might want to turn off GZIP encoding if you're using it as it appears that your CPU is struggling more...