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  1. Ahnteis

    Hows this PC For HL2 and FEAR?

    How much are you willing to spend? If you just want a "good enough" computer, a dell will be cheaper then building your own (unless you already own half the parts). If you want a GOOD computer, it'll be cheaper to build your own.
  2. Ahnteis

    Released HL2 MODS?

    sourceforts. Fun, but you'll probably only enjoy it for a few weeks in it's current version. (Unless they've updated it since I last played.)
  3. Ahnteis

    Gabe Newell on the next generation

    That would be the Nintendo back catalog.
  4. Ahnteis

    Dual Analog Gamepad

    See, if you buy a retail joystick, you often get better drivers that allow you to actually customize the input. You can try editting the hl2 .ini file and see if you can get it to work the way you want.
  5. Ahnteis


    Message from Munro: Please don't post nonsense comments in threads. Repeat offences will result in your post count being reset.
  6. Ahnteis

    Half Life 2 Eclipse TC out..

    Hit "J" to read the journal. Basically you left click an object to levitate it, then right click (and hold) to aim/charge your throw, then release to throw it.
  7. Ahnteis

    It's official... Project LemonLime is a go.

    You actually got permission? Or do you mean you are just going to start anyway? (CHOP. Cease and desisted!)
  8. Ahnteis

    Half Life 2 Eclipse TC out..

    Cool but short. :) Good artist. The story was a bit ... kinda sort of there. But this short a mod, nothing will bother you for long. Definitely worth the DL
  9. Ahnteis

    Is Zombie panic for HL1 or 2?

    No. I know how my anti-virus program works and I know what I was downloading at the time. It's possible it was a false-positive, but it WAS the zombie downloads causing the alert.
  10. Ahnteis

    Is Zombie panic for HL1 or 2?

    Yes, there is one IN DEVELOPMENT. On a side note, I get a "warning, trojan detected" from my anti-virus every time I try to download the files. =( Apparently Zombie Panic wants to make my computer a zombie?
  11. Ahnteis

    raising the bar

    Good book. :P
  12. Ahnteis

    DoD coming soon and HL 1: DM Source

    I'll take "Because they are school projects" for 1,000 Bob.
  13. Ahnteis

    HL2, great game- BUT WHERE THE HEC IS THE STORY??

    The problem is some people are being used to having the "story" shoved down their throat by means of a movie separate from the game (commonly called a "cutscene"). When the story is right IN the game, they just can't seem to get it.
  14. Ahnteis

    When will Half Life become abandonware?

    You don't have to update copyright. Copyright is automatic and free. You may be thinking of trademarks which must be registered.
  15. Ahnteis

    When will Half Life become abandonware?

    There's no such thing as abandonware. It's a made-up term. Officially, corporations have copyright for a LONG time. Think like 100 years long. Unofficially, there's little chance you'll get in trouble for distributing a game that is so old it doesn't show up on shore shelves anywhere.
  16. Ahnteis

    Please Help!!!

    Do you have the auto-updates turned on?
  17. Ahnteis

    Lost Coast: The nVidia levels?

    lol. No.
  18. Ahnteis

    Addon missions for HL2?

    It should have been mentioned that the addons Aftermath, and Lost Coast are not yet avialable, only announced.
  19. Ahnteis

    I'm suprised there aren't more SP HL2 mods.

    Ah yes. Quite possibly the least useable website EVAR. The kind of thing that is cool for about 5 seconds until you realize it's a royal pain to use. But the mod looks like it has some great potential.
  20. Ahnteis

    Graphics card show-off

    eVGA 6800 GT 256 MB. You know what it can do. :)