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    RSS is buggered

    I noticed because my Firefox livebookmark was giving an error. When you click the rss link on the frontpage the buggeredness becomes pretty obvious because it gives this error: Looks like there's something wrong with that newspost title, maybe the |. I'm not big on XML syntax though so I'm...
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    Troika Games Closing Shop

    Troika Games, RPG developer of Arcanum, Temple of Elemental Evil and Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, appears to be closing its doors. The source for this is an email about the liquidation sale of their office furniture. You can read more about it here, here and here. The mail was...
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    Article: "Kerry Won"

    I found this interesting article (*hears several groans*), so I thought I'd post it. I will state first that I don't present this article as fact, I simply thought it was an interesting read and it gave me some insight in the american election process. Most interesting part is the 'spoilage'...
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    New hands-on previews

    Two new hands-on previews can be found on the interweb. One here at actiontrip, and one here at Gamespy. (Both talk about the same subquest the writers played, so they're a bit spoilerish) They're very positive, so things are looking good \o/
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    HL2 advertisement

    Can we have one of these instead of the google ad? A Half Life 2 ad (attached pic too), as seen on It advertises the preload and links to this steampowered page. And hey, if Valve can advertise there, they can advertise here too :p
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    Sawyer (ex-Black Isle) talks modding

    Josh Sawyer, ex-Black Isle Studios dev, posted a long post on mods and managing them on the Obsidian Entertainment boards. I haven't fully read it yet (will after I hit Submit), but I thought it might be of interest to some. The post:
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    More newish concept art

    (My apologies if this has been posted before, found nothing when I searched) So I went over to the hlradio forums to find all posts by Erik Johnson, and I found this thread where Erik posted this pic: I certainly have never seen it before...
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    Ion Storm 'restructuring'?

    Source: And shacknews: This is odd. They just released Thief 3... Discuss.
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    Profile thingy next to posts on top/left

    Yup, I'm persistent :p, I want the option to change the location of the profile bit stating username/avatar/posts/etc to the left. And guess what? It's easy!!1 In fact, I looked up how to do it on the vBulletin forums, and found this post (made by a developer guy): Original thread, it's the...