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  1. [Dragoon]

    Putting together a parts list for a friend...

    EDIT: Sorry for the gravedig, but I figured I'd just bump this post instead of making a new one for the same topic. Building a new computer for myself, see post at the bottom. (old post)
  2. [Dragoon]

    HBO gave ASoIaF pilot the greenlight

    George R.R. Martin, on his Livejournal (not a) blog: About time.
  3. [Dragoon]

    Music to code by

    Not sure how many programmers, designers, artists, etc hang out here, but what do you guys listen to (if anything) while coding/etc? I've been listening to a lot of Juno Reactor since hearing one of their songs in this video.
  4. [Dragoon]


    I'm fairly certain none of you are doctors, but what are forums for if not for asking complete strangers for important, potentially life altering advice about things like relationships, life choices, and medical problems? Anyway, I'm here for that last one mainly because I really don't feel like...
  5. [Dragoon]

    Orange Box Countdown

    Since the image thread was locked, and subsequently pushed down, I figured I'd repost this.
  6. [Dragoon]

    Web hosting

    Can anyone recommend a good (cheap) web host? Preferably one with a monthly payment plan and no setup fees. So far all I've found are otherwise good hosts that have annoyingly large setup fees or require that you prepay for 1-2 years. PHP and MySQL are required.
  7. [Dragoon]

    Dragoon's "art"

    I got a Wacom Intuos3 tablet a few weeks ago and I figured I'd share some of my sketches with the forum, and perhaps get some feedback. I'm finally getting used to the tablet, but my artistic skills are still somewhat lacking. This is the beginning of a sketch I'm still working on. If anyone...
  8. [Dragoon]

    Good resources for web design/layout

    Could anyone recommend any good resources (books, websites, etc) concerning general webdesign/layout? Not so much the coding side, but design and functionality.
  9. [Dragoon]

    Computer help

    If any of the computer-savvy people on this board could take a look at this list of parts and tell me if they see any incompatibilities or parts that I've somehow forgotten, I would greatly appreciate it. (suggestions on alternative parts are also welcome)
  10. [Dragoon]

    Ventrilo Server Hosting

    Thinking of getting a Ventrilo server for my guild/clan/etc. Any suggestions on a good host? In the 20-30 slot range, cheap and reliable. Preferably one you or someone you know has used.
  11. [Dragoon]

    How many people do you know have molested a circus midget?

    I know some people may think this is an inappropriate question, etc. I know 4.
  12. [Dragoon]

    Yarrr! Talk like a pirate day.

    What'll we do with a drunken sailor, What'll we do with a drunken sailor, What'll we do with a drunken sailor, Earl-aye in the morning? Way hay and up she rises, Way hay and up she rises, Way hay and up she rises, Earl-eye in the morning Put him in the long boat till he's sober, Put...
  13. [Dragoon]

    Offline browser/website downloader with form login support

    Anyone know of an offline browser/website downloader/whatever that supports form logins and/or cookies? Preferably free, with no trial limitations.
  14. [Dragoon]

    [VB6] Find all occurrences of two strings and what's between them.

    Not Half-life related, but I figured this would still be the best place to post this question. How would I find all occurrences of two strings (string1, and string2), and what's between each set of occurrences? For example, if string1 = "X" and string2 = "Z" and I ran it on the following text...
  15. [Dragoon]

    steam:// addresses not working

    I'm trying to buy Aftermath, but it seems steam:// addresses (steam://purchase/79, for instance) are not working. Firefox gives me a "steam is not a registered protocol." error, and IE gives me a generic "Cannot find" error page (same in steam, which uses IE for the built in store). Anyone...
  16. [Dragoon]

    Question about tableless (CSS) design

    I'm just starting to mess around with using CSS instead of tables, and I've run into a problem with the page I'm working on right now. I'm trying to get the menu and main content areas to stretch to the bottom of the page. Can't figure it out. I'll post the code as it is now. HTML (minus...
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    Pancake batter + hot sauce + Frosted Flakes. Cook as normal. Tastes horrible. Try one. Still trying to get the taste out of my mouth...
  18. [Dragoon]

    Encoding MPEG-1 to DVD

    Been trying to encode an MPEG-1 video file to DVD video all day, with no luck... Can anyone recommend a free way to do this?
  19. [Dragoon]

    Gordon Freeman in the GameFAQs Character Battle

    ... And he's losing to Leon Kennedy. I know these things don't really matter, but still... Half-Life is losing to Resident Evil.
  20. [Dragoon]

    Top-down views of the official maps

    I'm looking for overhead views of all of the official maps, preferably as detailed as possible. Thanks.