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  1. Mr Stabby

    This community ....

    Did I miss anything?
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    Republican says Evolution "straight from the pits of hell"

    Shining city on a hill, lol
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    Generals 2

  4. Mr Stabby

    What hath science done?

    science, you so crazy.
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    Apple Gets Publicly Flogged in UK Patent Dispute

    You certianly can if you are the one to do it first. The case was thrown out because it appears apple didn't do it first so there patent is invalid. Edit: The BBC article for this case says that in this case Samsung just doesn't practice the patent. Turns out here are dozens of ongoing IP...
  6. Mr Stabby

    Denver International Airport

    Watch from 29:00 Jesse Ventura explains all.
  7. Mr Stabby

    New boson particle found, possibly higgs

    Catholics also believe the bread literally turns into Jesus (Transubstantiation). Also Protestants call it communion instead of mass, they also believe the bread and wine are symbolic, not literally Jesus.
  8. Mr Stabby

    Oreo boycott

    Corporations exploiting civil rights issues to make money is good for the economy.
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    PSA to Americans: If you've ever sold on a piece of electronics, you probably broke copyright law

    The first sale doctrine does currently protect the re selling of products, there is an appeal to the supreme court to change that. Every week some corporation is appealing some aspect of IP law.
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    You too can own a portrait of Andrew Breitbart as a heavenly warrior

    I heard he was murdered by Obama.
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    Father beats man to death after catching him molesting 4 year old daughter

    Why would a trial be necessary, the guy was caught in the act.
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    Diablo III launch thread. Post your battletags.

    I'm mid way through act 3 and thoroughly bored of this game.
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    South Korea removes Evolution from textbooks

    But the zerg evolve.
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    Hitman: Absolution

    I would have liked it more if I was still 13. At 23 that was just stupid.
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    Diablo III launch thread. Post your battletags.

    I started playing as a barbarian, then my character somehow disappeared from the servers. I started again as the monk and finished act 1. The monk and barbarian play exactly the same. Haven't been able to play it today as the Europe server is down.
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    Only in Ireland

    silly micks
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    Windows 7, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Xbox 360 banned in Germany

    Microsoft can appeal that Morotola is violating competition law, if they demand an unreasonale cost to license technology that is widely used in Industry ie create a monopoly. Ofcourse Microsoft may be the ones refusing to agree to a reasonabel license in hopes of forcing Motorola to violate...
  18. Mr Stabby

    This just in: People with low iqs tend to gravitate towards conservative ideology

    I'd like to hear, all you liberals' jumping on the IQ bandwagon, opinions on the bell curve.
  19. Mr Stabby

    We're ****ed

    There is one of those in the back of every CRT Television, not really a particle accelerator just an electron emitter.