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  1. Mr Stabby

    Alex Jones is creepy

    Conspiracy buffoon Alex Jones, just got a whole lot weirder. Some interesting projection, I think going on here.
  2. Mr Stabby

    Human Planet

    BBC documentary about how humans interact with the planet, in a David Attenborough style documnetry series. So if you liked Planet Earth, you probably like this. Episode 1. Is about the ocean.
  3. Mr Stabby

    Falluja doctors report rise in birth defects Just saw this on the BBC 10 o'clock news. I would like to find out how much depleted uranium munitions were used in Falluja.
  4. Mr Stabby

    Obama gives Brown DVDs

    On a state visit to the US, Gordon Brown gave Obama an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the Victorian anti-slave ship HMS Gannet, which is also the sister ship of the ship the President's desk is made from. In return he gave Gordon Brown some DVDs and gave back a gift given to the...
  5. Mr Stabby

    Minister resigns after breaking the law.
  6. Mr Stabby

    Muslims offended by Muhammad the teddy bear
  7. Mr Stabby

    Dissolve the UK?

    With the rise on Scottish nationalism, opening the possibility of Scotland leaving the UK, is there still any point to the union? If Scotland left, the 300 year old union, which formed Great Britain would be over, N.Ireland would then be sure to leave. The Union was necessary for the...
  8. Mr Stabby

    Captain Euro Not really sure WTF this is, some kind of EU crime fighting cartoon evidence that europeans don't understand cartoons
  9. Mr Stabby

    BNP support set to rise The mainstream parties are alienating working class whites in Britain, and they are turning to the BNP. In the last general election immigration was a hot topic, aswell. I don't think the BNP will gain wide spread support but it's...
  10. Mr Stabby

    PC headsets

    Could someone please recommend a good PC headset preferably USB
  11. Mr Stabby

    Should Turkey join the EU

    Many think they shouldn't, no clear reason why, some say its because they aren't in Europe, others say they don't conform to the EU, others just rascist.
  12. Mr Stabby

    What if Bush was President then?

    We all know Bush isn't very good at making descisons, that count. In the past other more competant Presidents have made decison which stopped major disasters from occuring, but what if Bush was in power then For example, the Cuban missile Crisis, the military advised Kennedy to luanch an...
  13. Mr Stabby

    Use of Vechiles

    Will players from the opposing team be able to use the other teams vechiles. Also, will the Chinses and MEC fight on any mpas, thay all seem to be USA vs maps
  14. Mr Stabby

    What the brits did for Ireland

    You should find this funny, even if your British or might get offended, contains alot of bad language
  15. Mr Stabby

    The St. Patricks day thread

    Post what you will be doing on St. Patricks day - 17th March and it will be interseting to see how many non-irish celebrate St. Patricks day
  16. Mr Stabby

    N.Ireland power-sharing again

    The British government is attempting to set up the power sharing executive (regional government in N.Ireland) again ussally it never last more than a year, as the main parties never agree on anything. This time Sinn Fein and the DUP say they will stop acting like 4 year olds and get it to...