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  1. Javert

    Circuit City firesale, the Info

    So I went to my local Circuit City at 10am sharp, opening time and here is what they told me: Office and Entertainment Furniture are 30% off. Music CD's are 20% off. Everything else is 10% off. (DVDs, games, hardware, HDTVs) If the item was already discounted for a sale, they will deduct...
  2. Javert

    List of Banks and Lenders Imploded / Ailing

    I would recommend taking you and your family's money out of THESE banks/lenders. Imploded Lenders: 266. Lehman Brothers SBF 265. IndyMac Bancorp 264. Mortgages Ltd. 263. Wilmington Finance - Wholesale 262. Accredited Home Lenders, Home Funds Direct 261. Assured Lending Corp. -...
  3. Javert

    XBox 360 to get Blu-Ray,5272.html Wow. Just wow... Now realize that MS says "no comment", and that the main source is a Chinese Economic newspaper. Still, this just runs counter to everything MS has been saying...
  4. Javert

    Printer for good price?

    Hi guys. I was looking on and saw this HP Deskjet Mobile printer. I was wondering if you guys thought this would be a good printer, and if you think the slightly premium price is well worth it. Thanks! ;)
  5. Javert

    Free Data/HTML Scraper?

    Ok, I can see that I'm getting some blank stares. Basically a scraper is something that reads off the html or a website and stores that information somewhere else. Things that you can scrape include news headlines, price info, etc. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a low-cost (i.e...
  6. Javert

    TF2 sentry Case Mod

    Behold! Unbelievably awesome, and I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I had the money. Edit: Sorry the embed didn't work, so I edited the post with the thread instead.
  7. Javert

    Pirates of the Caribbean MMO, Free (with caveats) I tried out Disney's MMO tonight and I just wanted to share it with the rest of you. It was very simplistic with Sid Meier's "Pirates" graphics, but a decent time-killer. The installer is small, and the game is streamed like Guild Wars. The villain is Jolly Roger, and...
  8. Javert

    Fortress Forever Historical Stats and Thoughts

    Hi guys, Out of curiosity I wanted to collect stats for a mod from its opening day onward. I had to stop though after my computer borked and the data seemed less interesting as time went on. Nonetheless I thought it would have been a waste not to have ever shared what I collected. So below...
  9. Javert

    Critique my system! (and newegg mail-in rebates)

    So I'm building a new system and these are the parts I'm thinking. ASUS Striker Extreme Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Corsair xms2 2 GB w/ heat spreaders Seagate Baracuda 250 GB 7200rpm EVGA Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS 320MB Sony 18x DVD+-RW Antec 900 case Thermaltake toughpower 650W Audigy...
  10. Javert

    Graphic artifacts on TF2

    Hi guys, When I try to switch the gfx settings on TF2, I get alot of graphic artifacts - vertical bands, squares, dots etc. When I immediately restart, even Windows shows up like it too. I turned off my computer for now so it can cool down. I'm posting from my work laptop. It's an...
  11. Javert

    My girlfriend rocks (gifts)

    So I moved into a new apartment and have some pretty bare, empty walls. So my girlfriend got me this Isn't she awesome? Yes she is. :cool: What are some recent awesome presents/gifts you have gotten from family and friends? Post pics if available. *Goes off shopping for...
  12. Javert

    May you kindly discuss Plot Twists/Spoilers/Ending here (WARNING: NO SPOILER TAGS!)

    In the interest of not breaking the rules and not ruining the undoubted enjoyment you will have with Bioshock, MAY YOU KINDLY DO NOT READ THIS THREAD if you have not completed the game. This thread is for the interest of discussing "forbidden fruits" freely without it being spoiler tag-heavy...
  13. Javert

    Predict Companies Making Games in the Next 5 Years (Apple? Dell? Starbucks?!?)

    Exactly what the title says: What Companies do YOU see making games and opening up their own software/hardware branch of video gaming in the next 5 years? Here are my guesses: Apple: This is inevitable. They've conquered almost every other form of entertainment except for maybe films, but...
  14. Javert

    Segata Sanshiro > Chuck Norris!!

    The short documentary and his commercials: Sega fan or not, you will bow to him, worship his creed of intensive gaming, and admit that Segata > Chuck. His Music Video
  15. Javert

    Predict Critic Scores for Upcoming Games!

    Below are what I think the next-gen games will get in terms of review scores (out of 10). I am NOT indicating their sales, which is what gives them AAA status, but only what critics will think of it. Disclaimer: I am NOT console-biased. The only "next-gen" system I currently own is the PC, and...
  16. Javert

    Need an all-in-one Printer...

    Hi guys, I need suggestions on a good all-in-one printer (printer, fax, scan, copy). I have my eyes set on the Canon Pixma 530 or 600. Both got high marks on CNET. The thing is, I won't be printing photos off it, I'll go to Wal-Mart for that. So it's mainly going to be for office...
  17. Javert

    Rumor: PS3 $100 Price Cut for week of E3

    Source: His "source" copied+pasted the following: (Requires registration to see.) The text: Link to screen capture I am looking for people to discredit or confirm...
  18. Javert

    GTA IV Special Ed. Package Released (Dominating!) More pics at link. Truly this is probably the most insane Special Edition I've EVER seen. So. Who's getting it with $90 to burn...?
  19. Javert

    Serenity: Collector's Edition (Commence Drool-age)

    By the look of the extras, it looks awesome for those you have yet to buy the DVD. Oh, and the movie's damn good too. (IGN DVD) The Serenity (Collector's Edition) DVD will feature the following bonus materials: Disc 1 * Joss Whedon...
  20. Javert

    TF2 Classes Based on Nationalities?

    After seeing the Heavy Weapons video and hearing him with the thick Russian accent, I wouldn't be surprised if Valve also made the voices of each class to have their each special accent of a location or group. Some others become obvious. Consult the TF2 wallpaper to see just what I mean...