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  1. jimbo118

    'The Boy who stole Half-Life 2' Excellent read particularly the interview with Gembe.
  2. jimbo118

    Dark Souls Official Announcement trailer (Demon's Souls 2) no utoob link yet. MY BODY IS READY!
  3. jimbo118

    LA Noire: The Tech behind Performance A bit jarring at times(mostly the body animation) but the facial expressions are incredible.
  4. jimbo118

    GT5 thread of dualshock 2 sucks for steering

    Ps3 haz a new gaem. So, who got it? Kinda want but I usually just end up driving backwards down the track for some crash and smash. BRING BACK DESTRUCTION DERBY! reviews:
  5. jimbo118

    F1 2010 finale

    Anyone watching? Safety car atm. the track btw is amazing.
  6. jimbo118

    C++ help. Absolute beginner - simple program.

    Alright, I need to do this: 'Write a program that converts kg, pounds, stone into one another. The program should ask the user to choose the unit to convert from, and the unit to convert into, then should ask for the amount to convert, and return the result of the conversion onto the...
  7. jimbo118

    Brock Mealer Great story.
  8. jimbo118

    Cable Router/Modem resets on the hour, every hour

    Had this problem for about a month. Technicians from my ISP were useless. The last tech guy today said to write down the times it was dropping and call tech support to check the logs. I noticed it was going off at the same time: 13:03 14:03 16:03 18:03 19:03 Any ideas why? What...
  9. jimbo118

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 7minute Walkthrough eww, drawin. Oh, it's PS3. 3 times bigger than Florence? AC2 had multiple cities, however. /continues watching.
  10. jimbo118

    Halo: Reach Campaign Trailer Looking good. First trailer to peak my interest.
  11. jimbo118

    Dead Space 2 Debut Trailer *watches
  12. jimbo118

    PS3 Eurofags rejoice! Demon's Souls Finarry. So, for all you people who didn't import, you now have a chance to get your ass handed to you by one of the best games of the last few years. Better stock up on sticky white stuff.
  13. jimbo118

    Hitman 5 leaked teaser? Fake? Film trailer?
  14. jimbo118

    GOWIII demo

    is on PSN now. Go get it. Also, GTTV is dedicated to GOW3 today. Looks pretty epic.
  15. jimbo118

    Just Cause 2 'Freedom' Trailer :laugh: @ the proprane tank bit. Will buy this for sure if the reviews don't blow. edit: fuu typo.
  16. jimbo118

    XBOX 360 Demo is up! Sweet. *Downloads.
  17. jimbo118

    Red Dead Redemption in trouble!? NOES!! I hope they don't fuk this game up. Want it to be good so much!
  18. jimbo118

    Yakuza 3 dated for the West! YAY! Also Yakuza 4 is out in Japan the same month.
  19. jimbo118

    Shadow Complex(XBLA) 9/10. 9.4. Kinda want. Out on Wednesday AFAIK. Also why is Nathan Drake the VA for so many games these days (I'm looking at you POP, Assassin's Creed 2).
  20. jimbo118

    Mafia 2: Beautiful demo footage Looks so good. Snow ftw.