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30+ Good & Funny Avatars

Light up your profile pic with these funny avatars. Make some people laugh and smile through small things like these funny avatars. ...

What’s the Half-life symbol means?

It means "half-life". "Half-life" is the amount of time it takes for a radioactive substance to decay into half of its original quantity of atoms. The...

Nova Prospekt; NOT facts folder!

Nova Prospekt is Latin, or derived from Latin. Prospekt means looking out (ahead in the future). I hope you see how this thus just...

Steam Forums — Best Steam Forums to Join

Here's the list of top three Steam Forums: SteamCommunity SteamForum SteamRep

Kitty0706 has died

A great Gmodder who could make me smile even in the darkest days RIP Kitty0706 Pls ValveTime make him a tribute. I read about that. From the...

How do you increase the damage your weapons do?

Is there a console command or something? I want to be able to do one-hit kills with the pistol in single-player mode yes, there is...


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