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  1. freakyflor

    I'm Rick James Bitch

    Probably some weird/not funny meme invented by our good friends at /b/.
  2. freakyflor

    I will now introduce my self dot dot dot

    So it's dangerouser here?
  3. freakyflor

    Gordons first and lasts words

    I would like "THIS IS HALF-LIFE!!!!!!1111!!!!!!111!!!!" *kicks combine advisor into a hole*
  4. freakyflor

    Meet The Spy Leaked

    Best "Meet the.." vid yet!!!!!
  5. freakyflor

    What game(s)...

    Keep 'em coming
  6. freakyflor

    Vikings vs Samurais

    Ninja's or Samurai Jack
  7. freakyflor

    17th of april why?

    17th of april why?
  8. freakyflor

    What game(s)...

    I'll ask my dad
  9. freakyflor

    What game(s)...

    should I ask my parents for my birthday? (Ps3,wii and pc) I've already got GTA IV, Battlefield:BC, Burnout Paradise, Uncharted, the OB, SSB:B, ... Please help -Florian.
  10. freakyflor

    CTF_Tunnel (Fan Map)

    Lookin pretty good. nice job :)
  11. freakyflor

    Gun Game Advanced

    wat is a gungame?
  12. freakyflor

    I'm close to tears... RIP bvasgm

    Don't know him but it's rly sad. rip
  13. freakyflor

    I can't what?

    I can't what?
  14. freakyflor

    See what happens if a nuke/asteriod hits your city/town

    ^This. I can't blow up my shool without nuking my own house D:
  15. freakyflor

    ? /charchar

    ? /charchar
  16. freakyflor

    Post your pets!

  17. freakyflor

    HOLY CRAP..... I think I may know what the GMan is...

    *Facepalm* The NOLGTA kindly requests the clossure of this thread. Thank you. -FreakyFlor NOLGTA-member
  18. freakyflor

    You may have PLAYSTATIONITIS and not even know it!!!

    I think Nintendo got sued for the whole Mario-Party-killed-my-palms thingie. (i also think they lost)
  19. freakyflor

    L4D Spam bots?

    That online multiplayer for ya.
  20. freakyflor

    Green Lantern The Movie

    Superhero movies suck, except for batman.