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  1. jet_porkins

    In Soviet Russia, Vodka drowns you

    This is the sad part: Apparently they're expecting to lose about $1 billion in lost farmland. Maybe they'll think twice before going for a "cold one" the next time such a bizarre heat wave occurs.
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    Totally and unrepentantly badass music youtube videos

    Post 'em, talk about 'em. Who can deny the badassery of contemporary jazz melodica? Seriously, the guy's rockin out. Also, sax solo is raw. (part 1) (part2)
  3. jet_porkins

    The Catcerto

    A composer films his cat playing the piano and writes an orchestral accompaniment to it. The orchestral part writing is actually quite good. (there's a random hand at 2:51, just disregard it, gotta listen to the melody the cat's playing)
  4. jet_porkins

    Recent music purchases

    Share new music you have recently acquired. Thread idea stolen from "Recent gaming purchases." I've lately taken a delve into the digital music market. I can't believe I got around without iTunes all my life. Great tool. I purchased disc 2 for $4.99. Recording quality isn't all...
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    World Championship Monopoly

    It's not whether you win or lose, but where you play the game. Live from Las Vegas.
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    The Jerkstore called.

    They're running all out of you!
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    Woman lays the smackdown on the pope
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    Splinter Cell Double Agent -- need help deciding.

    So I recently decided to play through the whole Splinter Cell series before Conviction is released. I'm wrapping up Chaos Theory and don't own Double Agent yet. However, I don't know which generation of Double Agent I should purchase. Is the 360 version ("newer") better than the original...
  9. jet_porkins

    House passes healthcare bill

    By five votes. Now it's onto the Senate. For sure the Senate is going to change the bill, which will require another House vote, which is sure to change the bill, which will require another Senate vote. This could take a...
  10. jet_porkins

    Michael Jackson's Death a Homicide
  11. jet_porkins

    Sotomayor Confirmed to S.C.

    Just FYI.
  12. jet_porkins

    Two Propositions

    Over the course of the past week, we have had a 10 year old member posting threads in the Half Life sections that "angered" a lot of people. Now, I don't think these people were really angry, but they resorted to calling Gman names, ridiculing him for posting theories that have already been...
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    So... Freaking... Hot

    It's been a hundred degrees here the last couple of days, which is unusual for the Pacific Northwest to have a heat wave of 100 last this long. I have the worst farmer's tan I've ever had. This heat is killing me. KILLING ME I TELL YOU We even had our own article, written today...
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    Or rather, he's got a good idea about how to calm and greatly reduce the strength of hurricanes, potentially preventing millions of dollars worth of property damage by the time a hurricane arrives. I encourage you to watch this: PLEASE ignore the lady at the end of the video.
  15. jet_porkins

    U.S. and South Korea Hit by Cyber Attack - N.K. Suspected

    The mostly necessary information is in bold. From From EDIT:
  16. jet_porkins

    Barkeep, a round of Taedong River Beer!

    North Korea airs first televised beer ad. (and therefore its first televised food/drink ad) The article also comments on the background of the Norks' TV media:
  17. jet_porkins

    NK Launches a total of 7 missiles on July 4th You can all relax, Hawaii is not in danger. They were all short-range missiles.
  18. jet_porkins

    Bionic Eye Restores Sight to Blind

    Youtube video from 2007 June 2009 report by Brian Williams:
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    The Heart Attack Grill

    CAUTION! This establishment is bad for your health! This is real.
  20. jet_porkins

    North Korea Sentences 2 U.S. Journalists to 12 years of labor