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  1. Raziaar

    Not back, but not gone either. You in the Discord that was set up recently?

    Not back, but not gone either. You in the Discord that was set up recently?
  2. Raziaar

    Old folk

    Alive? Yes. Around? No. Still the top dog? Yes. The secret was to never hit ascension, and I never will.
  3. Raziaar

    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum!

    bbson john ranks among the names I know!
  4. Raziaar Reunion Gaming day/night?

    We're not a dumb spinoff like Hetairia. Yeah I'm reviving that hatred.
  5. Raziaar Reunion Gaming day/night?

    You should rename the group to "people I abandoned" :(
  6. Raziaar

    Any way to save your posts?

    You'd need some kind of tool with database access as the easiest route. Alternatively, you might be able to script something that trawls through all your posts one by one and snags it... but that'd require some programming and knowledge of how to sequentially access your posts. OR... the mods...
  7. Raziaar

    How are our Venezuelan brothers/sisters doing?

    Glad to hear RJMC is out of country and okay.
  8. Raziaar

    How are our Venezuelan brothers/sisters doing?

    I only know of RJMC, but there might be more. Anyone hear from RJMC, is he doing alright? Is he still in Venezuela with all this shit going down?
  9. Raziaar

    no posts in image dump in 2 years

    I've been lamenting you for over a year now, since you left us!
  10. Raziaar

    Who do I have to blow to get a copy of the database?

    I was looking for that just last month.
  11. Raziaar

    Who do I have to blow to get a copy of the database?

    For posterity's sake of course. I would never do anything malicious.
  12. Raziaar

    We lost another one, RIP Operational

    Sad to see this thread get unstickied. As weird as it may still seem, I still think about bvasgm and operational on a near daily basis, and get emotional when I think about them. I didn't know them as well as I would have liked, but they were friends in this group of friends we had here and...
  13. Raziaar

    What is this place...

    You blew it up.
  14. Raziaar

    **** fashion

    I'm sorry you guys. I really do care what you think. :(
  15. Raziaar

    Tea Party members say they're not racist but ....

    Watermelon Stereotype is just as racist as the Fried Chicken stereotype. It's done out of racism, nothing more.
  16. Raziaar


    Man. I can't even go bike riding if I wanted to. Every time I keep buying and pumping up my bike tire, it explodes. I'm pumping it to the rated PSI, and it doesn't seem to be pinched anywhere but it's always POP. I think I'm deaf in one ear now. I was pumping in a confined indoor space. Shit...
  17. Raziaar

    **** fashion

    I can't tell Khaki pants from dress pants apart. Things look god damn the same. Also fabric doesn't matter to me except when it comes to comfort/wicking abilities. I really do think a rich dark brown and black look awesome together though. Not that I'm wearing it... but I had the two side by...
  18. Raziaar


    I live in the suburbs, so the only real thing I have in terms of off road riding are walking trails that are also fit for bikes. But they're only a couple miles long. And right now getting my bike there is the problem, since we have a sedan and I haven't found a bike rack yet that I want to...
  19. Raziaar


    I want to ride my bike more. Last time I went riding on a park, it was super hot out and I'm not really in all that great of shape. I mean, during the ride I felt fine, but once I got back to the car and I stopped... I felt like I was going to pass out, and I vomited 5-6 times. Over exertion...
  20. Raziaar

    The time has come..

    Pi isn't even a factor anymore. The three whoever guys are the face of this site now.