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  1. Crushenator 500

    Hey, You Guys...

    It's Phobie's birthday in an hour. hbd2u! :imu:
  2. Crushenator 500

    Random little DUMP

    Some random stuff I figured I may as well post -_-
  3. Crushenator 500

    Happy Birthday Vag-eata

    Because today is your birthday! So happy birthday!
  4. Crushenator 500

    Gordon = Alyx!

    This theory is steeped in FACT, but it appears as though the man is trying to keep me down! YOU CHOOSE WHAT TO BELIEVE!!! Ep2. Spoiler: Discuss!!!
  5. Crushenator 500

    New Character!!!

    Okay so it isn't really, but I thought some of you might find it interesting :p
  6. Crushenator 500

    So yeah...

    This is me :o
  7. Crushenator 500

    Stern on YouTube?

    Damn Stern, I didn't realise you had moved to the UK and started your own youtube channel!! :E
  8. Crushenator 500

    Wow, This Looks Awesome!!! Check out that rendering!! :laugh:
  9. Crushenator 500

    The Soulsavers (Featuring Mark Lanegan) what I saw on monday, and it was absolutely awesome, check them out ?10 well spent :E
  10. Crushenator 500

    Epic Movie

    Good lord...
  11. Crushenator 500

    e3 cancelled...?

    SOURCE Could it be!? D:
  12. Crushenator 500

    Couple of fruit pics

    Did these for school recently, hope you like :)
  13. Crushenator 500

    What do you think?

    What do you guys think of this band? click the media player thing at the top to listen to some songs its my friends band so any comments would be appreciated :E
  14. Crushenator 500

    Whale Catching Kit

    For those of you in London, be prepared :thumbs:
  15. Crushenator 500


    These aren't particularly amazing, but they're not bad... I'll probably use this thread to post more as i do them (it's for school)
  16. Crushenator 500


    Happy birthday!!! :D Tomorrow anyway... :E Have a good one :)
  17. Crushenator 500

    I'm leaving...

    For a 3 week holiday to california tomorrow :D I'll be back 1st May :)
  18. Crushenator 500

    Crush's Final GCSE Art Project!

    Yes, that's right! For those who remember my China project in the summer, my second project, there's been another project since then, wich was my mock, and now this is the real exam. To quote from the exam paper: You have a four week prepatory period to research, investigate and develop...
  19. Crushenator 500

    Entry / Art Contest #1: Crushenator 500

    Entered contest.
  20. Crushenator 500

    Crushenator's thread of funny. How much cookie dough's in cookie dough ice cream? How very interesting... :p