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    Black Mesa "More of less complete" (dozens of screenshots)

    I have to be honest, it looks like crap. They should have done one of the following, instead of remaking the whole game 1-just release the most visually impressive looking areas 2- do a mod based on new black-mesa themed level, in the style of the most visually impressive areas. This...
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    The Employers revealed in Ep3?

    Actually, from the gman's dialogue lines from hl2 to episode 2, it seems he is no longer under any employer, and now works freelance and for the highest bidder. For example: the "ignoring opposition when quelling them was not an option" referring to him saving alyx vance at black mesa...
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    Lombardi Explains Need for L4D2 and more...

    in my opinion most of the whiners are going to buy the game day one no question asked. They say they would have bought it as an expansion pack, then why do not they wait until the game will be on special offer or something? They are so concerned with the launch price because they are going to...
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    What was Gman trying to accomplish in episode 2?

    not A combine portal, he was referring to THAT SPECIFIC combine portal. You know the combine empire seems to be composed of many dimensions, some of them are strange (like the ones breens is talking about with eli prior to your arrival), some of them are (I guess) hellish. It's not like every...
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    New enemy ideas

    I think valve did an amazing job in improving the combine soldiers in ep2. They feel a lot more aggressive and mobile. (they also seem to do more damage... maybe they are just more accurate) It would be cool if they improved them even more, maybe add a few new tricks for the hunters too...
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    What exactly did Gordon Freeman achieve by killing Nihilanth?

    My guess: At that point the rift was already open and the portal storms already in the initial stage. But Nihilant was able to open portals to send his forces through. Random portals with alien fauna coming out might be dangerous but not like a sentient being teleporting his armies all...
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    Black ops?

    I guess the black ops are killing marines not to silence them but to avoid they interfere with the nuking of black mesa. It's the only plausible explanation. Anyway I'm not a big fan of op for and I never liked what they did with the black ops. They were much better (and more mysterious) in hl1
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    Scout Update Live

    anyway I am still excited for the future of tf2. Sure this update has no new official levels, but valve has already hinted at various new different stuff. First of all they are surely going to do one full level with the alpine setting. Second, in the meet the sniper video they hinted at the...
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    Scout Update Live

    I still have a strange bug they have not fixed yet. When you go to the scout update page, the update number six instead of showing the new "meet the.... video" just shows "release day!". I clicked on the links but still no trace of the new "meet the .... video".
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    Can others see the G-Man?

    from episode 2, we gathered that the gman provided the sample for the test. So somehow breen, eli and others high ranking members from black mesa and the government contacted him\it for his\its services. Maybe eli and others "purchased" the services of gordon freeman in hl2 by contacting him...
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    new combine ideas

    just a random thought. I think valve shouldn't really concern itself with problems like "if we insert another enemy, we shouldd provide an explanation on why the combine didn't use them before". it's just a game, I think they should insert whatever new enemy they see fit to the game play...
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    Zoey is a mutant.

    I've played quite a few videogames. Enough to call bullshit on calling a game like l4d "buggy". Come on, you really have your head stuck up your ass if you define this buggy. It's not perfect but nothing is, especially this soon after release. Also, the zoey mutant hands is something that...
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    Euro and Sterling Now Available

    it is still possible that this is some kind of mistake, it's still in beta, isn't it? If it's not a mistake, **** them, really, I'm not buying anything else on steam. **** localised prices. **** them. Ah, good things never lasts. I liked purchasing via steam... most of all I enjoyed...
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    Valve Responds on Left 4 Dead Versus Difficulty

    the game will be moddable. then you'll have the ability of running exper vs as a mod. Leaving expert vs in standard l4d would have only meant the impossibility of playing the original, vanilla game. If everybody could have choosen the type of vs they wanted to play, finding a normal vs server...
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    What tank really needs...

    of course I was just kidding. I like that the tank is quite an intense boss with no easy and cheap tricks out (well, except for molotov + run) Anyway, most of the time the tank gets me at expert (I ONLY play expert) it is because when he is targeting me, the rest of the team just ****s off...
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    Black Mesa Official Trailer Released

    now this looks ****ing impressive. Only negative I can think of: Freeman is too ****ing ugly, man. Look the cover from hl2, he is supposed to be sexy as hell. He is no "ordinary guy who saves the world" he is "super handsome and sexy badass superhero". Re do that model. Even if you don't...
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    What tank really needs...

    I think the tank should display a more predictable behavior... like he should zig zag through the map and you can memorize the pattern and shoot him safely. After a little bit of damage he changes pattern.
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    New Content Poll

    more campaigns would be cool. And infected with guns (joking of course).
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    Gamespots Mediocre Review

    well most professional reviewers suck. I don't care about their ratings, left 4 dead rocks and is quite an impressive accomplishment.
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    If YOU were in Half-Life...