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  1. UJKA

    We need 37 more signs!

    Hectic Glenn I agree! We need more information about HL Episode 3
  2. UJKA

    HL1 vs. HL2

    Both games are good. But half-life 1 is better that 2. 2 is bettr for graphichs, but all other things is not good like in HL 1. But i voted for bot games, beacuse i like hl 1 and hl2.
  3. UJKA

    Hey to all

    Thanks all. I will stay here, beacuse this is the best site about valve games :)
  4. UJKA

    Portal in under 10 minutes

    Great i need something like this xD. GJ :P
  5. UJKA

    Hey to all

    Hehe, i heard about that. Thansk :)
  6. UJKA

    Hey to all

    Thanks Vegeta897 :)
  7. UJKA

    Hey to all

    Hi, my name is Ivan. My nick is UJKA, that (on English) means UNCLE. I'm from Belgrade, Serbia. And of course i love almost all Valve games. I'm creating maps, plugins for counter strike, and i'm programer. I play games like: Counter Strike 1.6 CS: Source, HL 1 and 2, etc, etc xD And i have...