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    Rebellion HL2 Mod - Needs a Coder

    We are finally starting serious development of Rebellion -- however, we do not have a dedicated coder (I can code, but I'm not yet well versed in the HL2 SDK as well as with C++). Keep in mind that this is a community collaborative project; we are all amateurs at what we do, and we do not...
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    Rebellion HL2 Website Up

    Well, we finally have our website up at For now, we only have an FAQ covering some general questions as well as the forums. The game premise is posted on our forum as well if anyone wishes to view it. We are still looking for anyone who is willing to contribute...
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    The modding community contradiction

    Well... I didn't want to post in the "Renegade X: Dead 6" help wanted thread because I didn't want to derail it, but well... it got me thinking about the modding community in general nowadays. I remember before like in the Duke Nukem 3D or Quake 1 days, people would get together...
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    WIP: reb_snowoutpost

    What do you guys think so far? It's obviously unfinished... but I still want to hear some feedback on perhaps what should be included, what sort of things can be improved, etc. BTW, a lot of the textures will be replaced once the full SDK rolls around.
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    Does anyone have a custom map to give up as an example?

    Well... I'm still struggling a little in mapping (well, mostly because I don't have as much time as I thought I would due to college), and the de_cbble .vmf seems extremely cluttered... so my question to you guys is, can someone by any chance release a .vmf of their map to benefit every other...
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    ARGH. Error'ed

    Anyone know what this could possibly mean?
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    "Rebellion" part deux - Looking for Team Members

    "Rebellion" originally started as an HL2 mod back in January or December as something COMPLETELY different to what it is today (the mod died, then I resurrected it again with a completely different idea). Currently, we have a forum set up at For now, we only...
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    Mapper's thought process from pre-map to post-map?

    I'm wondering what sort of steps an experienced mapper takes when going from conception of the map to the delivery of the map. I'm still very inexperienced in creating maps, but I really want to try to get some sort of idea on how a mapper "thinks" so that I can lay my ideas down in a map...
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    Need feedback on mod idea

    Hey... well, I'm going to try this modding stuff again after the utter failure of my original "Rebellion" idea (had a lot of internal team issues). This will probably be my new "Rebellion" mod idea for HL2. Here it is (originally posted on Hostile Intent forums): So what do you guys...
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    Team Leader + Access

    Well... It seems like I keep coming back to this forum for advice on leading a mod. :p I've just let go of one of my coders due to him giving more access to the CVS repository than me - I had access to only the compiled art/code and uncompiled art sections, while he had root access to the...
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    Question about Originality vs. Insured Success

    Well... I've been talking to my dev. team for a little today. Yes, if you check our web page, we HAVE moved to the Unreal Tournament 2K4 engine, because we were too impatient to wait around for Half-Life 2. But anyway, I had a little talk with them. We were throwing ideas around, until the...
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    Design documents: public or private viewing?

    I was thinking about showing the current "Rebellion" design document to the public, but I'm not sure if there are problems that I should be aware of that can arise when I do this. Could anyone experienced in leading a mod team tell me their take on this?
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    Rebellion Update - 2/26/04

    Well... the content release isn't as big as I expected, due to real life stuff mostly. I couldn't get access to a scanner either. But I want to replenish the interest in the mod by showing you guys a few new renders, two of which are new weapons. :) I'm also going to try to do some other...
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    Rebellion Website Update - 2/11/04

    We just picked up four dev. team members over the past few days! Check for more details. We are still in need of player modelers, skinners, animators, a voice actor, and possibly a concept artist. If you are interested in joining the Rebellion team and have the...
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    Rebellion Website Update

    If anyone missed the Feburary 2nd update on any of the other fan sites (like, etc.), then you can finally check it out here :p I've updated the Rebellion website with renders of a few of the planned weapons, as well as a storyline behind the Rebellion Mod. Here are the...
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    A few WIP models

    M4A1 SOPMOD: 2526 triangles FN F2000: 2296 triangles Hands: 988 triangles Tell me what you guys think.
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    Rebellion HL2 Mod - Looking for Talent

    The Rebellion Mod (main site is unfinished still) for HL2 is looking for these specific roles, with priority given to those who have skill/experience with Half-Life (I will still consider you if you do not have much experience with Half-Life but is skilled at what you do): - Modelers...