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  1. Hudson

    Competetive Community (long read)

    Thought I'd let you guys know about the competitive DoD community, if you don't all ready. First my names Hudson and I've been reading and posting since early last summer when I first found out about halflife2 and the forums. I've been playing DoD since 1.3, and playing competitive...
  2. Hudson

    HOme Network :\

    Ok. Ive got two comps, side by side (well actually seperated by a wall but W/E STFUABOUT IT___). I've got my wall running to my modem, my modem running to my router (Dlink) and my router going to both comps. How do I set it up so I can transfer files between the two comps? Becuase I cant seem to...
  3. Hudson

    9800XT to x800 comparison?

    I'm wondering how much better then x800 is over the 9800XT. Thanks.
  4. Hudson

    Does anyone want to explain....

    this. Oh by the way for those who remember me from last summer, im back ;) Oh BTW I know its a fake, but I thought it would be interesting to post.
  5. Hudson

    Just something funny I found

    This was an ad on, i laughed when I saw it edit: btw chrisd is hawt.
  6. Hudson

    Ventrillo Problems

    Me again. Whenever im using vent, I go into game, and when I speak all other people hear is REALLY LOUD static. Sometimes it does this when im still in windows too, and it irritates the crap out of people. When i exit vent, and then rejoin, everything is fine, but then in a few minutes it bugs...
  7. Hudson

    Painkiller site update/demo+game release date - spiffy new site Demo is coming out on monday the 16th, and the game is coming out april 12th looks like total off the wall Quake-style ownage
  8. Hudson

    leage books own you DIE DIE DIE DIE gg spelling, title is supposed to be "large books own you"
  9. Hudson

    I hope this is Okay to talk about but

    Ive got my playstation and my copy of final fantasy 9 upstairs somewhere, but i dont have a TV to currently use them on. Ive tried mucking about with some PSX emulators trying to get the thing to read the damn CD in the drive but it didnt work. Are there any programs out there where I can just...
  10. Hudson

    Radeon 9800XT Breakdown

    2 days after i get my 9800XT it burns out. I turn on my comp tuesday morning, and when i come home from school 7 or so hours later, i have funny looking dots everywhere on my screen, in all games, and a few in windows and stuff like msn messenger. ive tried everything I can think of, so ive been...
  11. Hudson

    My 9800XT

    Hello ladies, been a while since ive posted i just got my brand new sexy 9800xt, and im getting 6200 in 3dmark03 with my 2.53ghz 533mhz FSB 512RDRAM, can anyone tell how this stacks up to others?
  12. Hudson

    This is disgusting

    ***WARNING DISTURBING MATERIAL*** ********************************** ********************************** I really dont know what to say, this has just left a queazy feeling in my stomach.
  13. Hudson

    Soo Cool!!!

    I get a call from my mom who is at a family reunion thing. Turns out my cousins husband works at Dreamcatcher interactive, and that their company can get 40% discount off all ATI stuff! SO now im going to probably get a 9800XT for less then the 9800pro would cost! SOOO PUMPED!! This also has a...
  14. Hudson

    I hope i dont....

    ..screw this up badly. After months of saving, I finally have enough money for the precious, precious 9800 pro. I'm planning on going to best buy tomorrow to buy one. I'm not much of a hands on person. Ive never opened the case on my current computer (dell, flame all you want), although I did...
  15. Hudson

    STALKER liquid physics? Physics: Based on ODE engine Simulation speed outperforms commercial engines such as MathEngine, Havok, etc. Real-time IK, vehicle physics, etc. Collision database with low memory usage Collision...
  16. Hudson


    Has anyone heard of this software? It claims to make your computer run games run much better.
  17. Hudson

    Including Textures inside your Map

    Lets say I want to just have a single file to distribute, no messy wad files to tack on. I know there is a way to do this with the advanced compile option, something like includetexture, can anyone help?
  18. Hudson

    Very very important news!!! Spread the word!!
  19. Hudson

    Halo PC problems

    When I installed Halo PC everything went fine, but then when I try to load it up it gives me this Yes it is the Halo PC demo, but i dont see why that would matter. I play other direct3d games fine, and hardware accelleration IS AT...
  20. Hudson

    Are you religous?

    Who here is religious? Personally, I dont buy into it one bit. It all seems so rediculos. My mom made me go to a church service yesterday, and I was horrified how the people there were just zombies, they would follow the priest off a cliff if he told them that God would love them if they did it...