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    Jailbreak ? Can you Break out?

    At least in the Quake variations of Jailbreak (Quake 2, Quake 3, etc.), you can jump on top of the other players and have everyone keep jumping until one of the guys got into a hole in the jail cell, which then they can maneuver around until they get outside.
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    Garry's Mod going retail

    I've always thought of mods as "anti-capitalist," so me seeing a modification going retail or modifications being created JUST so they can be bought out saddens me quite a bit. I myself still want to learn how to create something "cool" for the community (I tried a few times and learned a few...
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    Garry's Mod going retail

    Okay, I haven't read all of the posts in this thread, but eh, I'll throw in my two cents anyway. I still remember the good old days of the Doom 2/Quake 1/Quake 2/Duke Nukem 3D/Dark Forces modding community. Everyone made mods because they loved to create something cool, something that they...
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    Hostile-Planet Website launches

    Wow. I'm thoroughly impressed and blown away. ;D
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    quick c++ question

    An extra consideration when you use GCC (might apply to other compilers too, I'm not sure though): Make sure you do a cout.unsetf(ios::[previousalignment]) after displaying whatever you wanted aligned. Apparantly, GCC doesn't unset the flag bits used to align the string to whatever you set...
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    Rebellion HL2 Mod - Needs a Coder

    :D thanks. :)
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    Rebellion HL2 Mod - Needs a Coder

    We are finally starting serious development of Rebellion -- however, we do not have a dedicated coder (I can code, but I'm not yet well versed in the HL2 SDK as well as with C++). Keep in mind that this is a community collaborative project; we are all amateurs at what we do, and we do not...
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    Rebellion HL2 Website Up

    Well, we finally have our website up at For now, we only have an FAQ covering some general questions as well as the forums. The game premise is posted on our forum as well if anyone wishes to view it. We are still looking for anyone who is willing to contribute...
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    The modding community contradiction

    That's fine if you ask me... the thing I was a bit critical about was the person who responded right after you about you guys being the only mod that they should join since you guys actually knew what you guys were doing, and not some "amateur fly-by night" project. THAT was exactly what I...
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    The modding community contradiction

    Well... I didn't want to post in the "Renegade X: Dead 6" help wanted thread because I didn't want to derail it, but well... it got me thinking about the modding community in general nowadays. I remember before like in the Duke Nukem 3D or Quake 1 days, people would get together...
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    Mounted machine guns

    A source code edit might be at hand...
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    npc ai

    Be sure the nodes aren't placed even partially within a brush... make sure it is above whatever brush you want them to navigate over.
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    Soldiers won't walk up ramps!

    Try putting a clip brush on the ramp? Not sure if that would work though...
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    WIP - dm_lost_isle

    It will be called I think concretefloorxx (xx being whatever number in that series) You can filter it out in the texture chooser by typing out concretefloor.
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    Mounted machine guns

    Wow... heheh, nice work. This will help A LOT. :D
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    City Havoc: An Organized Crime Mod

    *waves* This sounds pretty interesting, actually. :O
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    Can´t get this to work...

    Here is what I did for having Striders actually walk around the map and stomp on people (yet I can't get them to actually fire anything): I created an ai_relationships entity next to the zombies. Subject would be npc_strider (in your case, npc_zombie) and the target is player. Now, what...
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    Alpha On Displacement bugged?

    Are you using custom blended textures or just the ones already included with the game?
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    Small Grid?

    I never had the problem, but I'm guessing it would be solvable by going into Hammer -> Tools -> Options, and checking that everything is set to "Half-Life 2" for the wad format, etc.
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    Menace - hl2 modification looking for coder ,2d/3d artists , sound engeeners ,

    Alright... I'm just wondering, why is there medieval clothing? You even have a crossbow in there... completely wrong era. :x