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  1. Polaris

    MGS: Peace Walker Pretty awesome if you ask me. Sorry for my whining Kojima san.
  2. Polaris

    Kojima "Addicted" To Left 4 Dead

    Kojima "Addicted" To Left 4 Dead, Considers Renouncing His Japanese Status Heh, maybe he should try some other Valve games too and learn something about our great western games...
  3. Polaris

    Portal Bar!

    A bunch of students in Dennmark made a very special party inspired by Portal. How awesome is that?
  4. Polaris

    Valve related article at Wired

    Check it out. Valve Tried to Trick Half Life 2 Hacker Into Fake Job Interview
  5. Polaris

    Post your favourite quotes

    It's simple, post your favourite quotes from TF2. All responses can be found here and here at TF2 Wiki. Scout "Wave goodbye to your secret crap, dumbass!" Soldier "That was an amazing killing spree....BY THE OTHER TEAM!" Pyro "Mmmphh mphhhh mphh" Demoman "All yah dandies prancin'...
  6. Polaris

    Cell Call

    A short movie based on short story by Marc Laidlaw.
  7. Polaris

    Jim'll Fix It

    Does anyone know that lovely show? I discover that lately on Youtube and it become my guilty pleasure number one. Jimmy Savile is really fabulous guy and kid's wishes are sometimes totally ridiculous. I love it! About the show
  8. Polaris

    Prince Harry Is Our Hero I can't stop laughing. Awesome video. Warning for kids - STRONG LANGUAGE.
  9. Polaris

    New Black Mesa Coffee Mug

    Check out brand new Black Mesa Research Facility Coffee Mugs at Valve Store! DELIVERING THE FUTURE
  10. Polaris

    1UP Special with Erik Wolpaw and others

    Very interesting video. Also about Half-Life movie! ;) 1UP Specials: RSVP featuring Erik Wolpaw (writer on Portal), Dylan Cuthbert (president, Q Games), Jonathan Mak (Everyday Shooter) and our own Mark MacDonald.
  11. Polaris

    New C&C Game

    C&C Kane's Wrath? Of course, but now it's TIBERIUM time! Source: Image Gallery: here
  12. Polaris

    Aperture Laboratory Holiday Greeting Card

    New fantastic item at Valve Store - The Aperture Laboratory Holiday Greeting Card! The Enrichment Center reminds you to Have a Happy Holiday...
  13. Polaris

    Steam repeatedly verifies game files

    After attempting to launch a game, it repeatedly validating game files and goes from 0% to 100% and starts over. I tried to delete ClientRegistry.blob and other local Steam files many times but it doesn't work. I can't play anything. Thanks in advance.
  14. Polaris

    Filth of the Steam

    Today I was browsing profiles on Steam Community and I was quite shocked how many idiots, nazis (like this lovely boy) and horny kids have their own profiles (especially CS players). Report offensive content function is now really useful but I'm not sure how much it's effective... If you see...
  15. Polaris

    Metal Gear Solid 4 TGS 07 Trailer

    New TGS trailer for MGS4 is out (shaky cam only). You can see some awesome scenes (RAY vs REX), some regular and some stupid (I really don't like Kojima's sense of humor). Enjoy!
  16. Polaris

    National Geographic Documentaries

    Some interesting National Geographic Documentaries for people who likes nature, science and things like that. I really like it and I'm subscriber of their channel on YouTube, magazine and also member of the National Geographic Society. "Jesus Christ Lizard"...
  17. Polaris

    Through the Looking-Glass

    So, maybe I found in Portal materials some interesting connections and references to Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. First, you are female character in strange environment what looks like some kind of game. Also portals mirroring surroundings like...
  18. Polaris

    Steam Community screens and date

    Gabe Newell gave a presentation at the Showdown LAN event the other day (thanks Greg), which seems to have focused on the Steam Community. Fortunately for us someone had a camera, but don't get too excited: there's nothing particularly remarkable yet. There are surprises, like global voice...
  19. Polaris

    Create your own Simpson!

    I found cool thing at, funny tool for making your own character. Post yourself in Simpsons world. :D My avatar:
  20. Polaris

    Favorite TV characters?

    Post your favorite characters from TV shows and series. My top heroes: John Locke - Lost Dr. Rodney McKay - Stargate Atlantis Nina Myers - 24 CGB Spender aka Cigarette Smoking Man - X-Files Richard Langly - X-Files, The Lone Gunmen