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  1. nipples

    Over the top Infamous 2 video is awesome

    Prototype was still bad though.
  2. nipples

    Silent Hill 8

    No PC and no Yamaoka? :[ Well I just watched the trailer. I'm pretty excited.
  3. nipples

    Freeman June 14

    Except it says rumor at the top.
  4. nipples

    Those "underground" games that are pretty good...

    This made me lol
  5. nipples


    This is the only dubstep song I've heard, its awesome.
  6. nipples

    Unleash the Hounds: Starcraft II Beta begins

    Does anyone have an extra key? :3
  7. nipples

    Games: Rate and Discuss

    All the stupid in this thread makes my head hurt.
  8. nipples

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and H.A.W.X. 2 oh my

    I don't think AC:B is coming out too soon cause I don't see it as a continuation of the story. Just some shitty side story that Ubisoft used to make a shitty game for some money.
  9. nipples

    Zero Punctuation

    So why don't you like it?
  10. nipples

    119th TF2 Update

    Even Robin got the Weekend Warrior.
  11. nipples

    Dub Fx

    If you don't like what music I like you must like shitty music. Duh guys.
  12. nipples

    Beat Hazard (360 / PC)

    I think my eyes are going to fall out.
  13. nipples

    Your recent gaming purchases

    Selling Ico :[
  14. nipples

    scary movies..

    Haha what?
  15. nipples

    Left 4 Dead 2 'The Passing' DLC - One Survivor Dies

    I can see Bill dying and not because he is old, just cause it seems like something a veteran would do. I think if Valve did kill him they'd play the veteran card and not the old card.
  16. nipples

    We Hate Modern Warfare 2

    I don't understand why anyone would like Modern Warfare 2.
  17. nipples

    Games you wish were more successful

    You would.
  18. nipples

    Hours Played

    Ugh. It is so boooooring