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  1. nipples

    Them Crooked Vultures

    Holy ****. I just learned about this today. Them Crooked Vultures is a hardrock super group formed in 2009. Featuring Josh Homme(Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss) on vocals and guitar, John Paul Jones(Led Zeppelin) on bass and Dave Grohl(Nirvana, Foo Fighters) on drums. They've played two shows...
  2. nipples

    Spray Problem

    I keep trying to get a new spray, I import the spray just fine but it always switches back to my old one. To stop this I figured I would just delete the spray's files in my L4D folder, I did that but I still have that spray and still can't change it. Any suggestions?
  3. nipples

    Lollapalooza '09

    Anyone planning on going? I'm pretty excited for it.
  4. nipples

    Good Ska Bands

    I've just started listening to Ska, what are some good bands I should listen to? Besides Sublime and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
  5. nipples


    Tonight during a versus match my team was getting pretty bored because we were walking all over the other team, which is pretty normal when we play against random people since we are friends and work well together. After the second level of Blood Harvest I get this sweet idea of running from the...
  6. nipples

    The Decline of Music

    The majority of mainstream music is just ****ing dumb. I mean come on, most of it is about: A) Having sex B) Having sex with a slut that everyone wants to have sex with C) Going to a party D) Being emo E) All of the above. Tonight on my way home a song came on the radio by a band called...
  7. nipples

    Louis a black Tom Morello?

    I was playing earlier and noticed that they look pretty similar. Tom Morello is the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. Louis.
  8. nipples

    Self Portrait Project with a Twist

    Title pretty much explains it. The twist is that below your self portrait you had to draw yourself again except with objects that describe you or that you find interesting. Here is the regular part. I can really really go without the, "Cut your hair you hippie!" or "Dude you look like a chick...
  9. nipples

    Why don't the zombies eat you?

    This is going to sound really stupid to a lot of people, but why don't the zombies eat you? That is the whole reason that they are attacking you right? Its not like there is some sort of war that has been going on between humans and zombies since the beginning of time that causes them to...
  10. nipples

    Similarities between HL series and Timeline

    For my research paper I had to read the book Timeline by Michael Crichton and I noticed a few similarities. 1. It deals with teleport machines. 2. The secret facility which is in New Mexico is named Black Rock. 3. At the facility a few characters take note of the mesas around them. 4...
  11. nipples

    Cannot contact the Steam Network

    Steam refuses to open for me again but this time it appears to update, then I get a message that says "Cannot contact the Steam Network, please try again later." I know that it says try again later but I was just wondering if anyone else has gotten this problem. I searched the forums but...
  12. nipples

    Annoying Alyx Glitch

    So I was playing through HL2 again, but this time on hard. I reach a loading point somewhere in Nova Prospekt and another Alyx spawns in front of me. She doesn't say anything or even have a gun. At first I think nothing of it and just continue but I notice that she follows me to the control...
  13. nipples

    Problems with Steam

    Steam doesn't want to start for me. So at first I thought my account was hijacked since I had it set to auto-login. I decided to uninstall then reinstall Steam and it appeared to update but then just stops and does nothing. I can't seem to get it to start still which leads me to believe my...
  14. nipples

    I need help installing PHX.

    Ive downloaded both zipped files but I dont know what to do next. I have tried everything under the sun but it just doesnt seem to work for me. Can someone give me a full detailed description of what to do?