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  1. Shamrock

    What is this place...

    Where am I.....?
  2. Shamrock

    The time has come..

    ....for me to get a new avatar. Toaster Strudel... Toaster taco.... wtf.... uhhhhh. Toaster-Tits made this for me, and well, I need a new one. Someone help discover a new avatar for me. If my face is involved, it's a giant plus.
  3. Shamrock

    Need suggestions about college

    Ok... So here's the deal.. I've tried going to 3 different colleges. Each time, I give up about halfway through the semester as the work ends up piling on and I don't do it. Anyway, I've come to realize that I'm never going to accomplish anything if I can't finish college. I have about 15-16...
  4. Shamrock

    Video Card.... Need New.... D:

    So my GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr by MSI is annoying the hell out of me. The fans don't work half the time, and I'm just sick of dealing with this. It's a decent card, but I've hard a lot of issues with it. I'm going to buy a new card and then get this warrantied and then sell it. Right now, I...
  5. Shamrock

    Video card.. Artifacts.. Etc..

    So my video card is acting funky. Not funkayyyyyy. FUNKY. It's an MSI 560 Ti GTX blah blah blah. I had the 296.10 drivers installed, and it was running them fine and playing games fine. Awesome, right? I'm like... hmm.. let me see if there are new drivers. Oh, shit. There are! Cool! Let's...
  6. Shamrock

    So.. I'm at work..

    Thank you so much for changing the domain name. :D I can now get to ( without our company firewall blocking the site. :D :D Wonderful!
  7. Shamrock

    Just got a PS3. Recommend please! :D

    So.. just got a PS3. I need an idea on what games I should play first. At the moment, I have a list of exclusives I of course want to play, but there are so many I forget that are even out there. Heavy Rain Resistance Unchartered Little Big Planet Infamous MGS4 Oh God.. without looking at a...
  8. Shamrock

    Hard Reset

    So.. I was playing the demo of Hard Reset, and honestly, it feels like a very, very fun game. It feels like they catered it to an old school (sort of) FPS PC gaming type. I'm just wondering, is the game worth the $30? It seems like there's a chance that it is. What say all of you?
  9. Shamrock

    Wonderful Remake of the Sarah McLachlan's Animal Abuse Commercial Bryanf445 produced, recorded, and enjoyed creating this masterpiece for you all to enjoy.
  10. Shamrock

    Prey 2

    What in the hell is this game even about? Seriously, don't call this game Prey 2 just because it has..... what one of the same alien creatures from the first game in it! Honestly, this video looks amazing. The game will play absolutely nothing like that, and I hate the fact that it seems to...
  11. Shamrock

    The Mills Brothers Wow. This is just plain amazing. I hate where our music has gone. :(
  12. Shamrock

    After being out of the desktop realm... I'm making a come back

    This has now become a HELP THREAD! HELP HELP HELP! Well, I've had a laptop for the past.. 2~ years, and of course, it's age has been showing. It's been showing for almost a year now which is one of the reasons that made me stop playing games! D: So.. I want to purchase a new build. At the...
  13. Shamrock

    What's in the box?

    I don't care if this has been posted before. This thing deserves a new post because it's that friggin' amazing. It just screams Half Life 2.
  14. Shamrock

    Need help choosing a topic for a paper!

    So for me scripture class, we have to write about a person someone could categorize as a modern day prophet. They can either be forth telling (criticizes the present based on historical events) or foretelling (tells the future, etc.). Basically, they could have lived 50 years ago till now...
  15. Shamrock

    Beginning guitar!

    Hello all! I rarely frequent this forum because it depresses me since I've always wanted to play an instrument but never could. However, that is all changing now as I'm learning how to play guitar! Alright so I just really want to ask is what tips do you guys have for me that do play guitar...
  16. Shamrock

    International Text books!

    I've got a question. Ready? THAT WAS IT! Anyway, I shall be starting school rather abruptly, and I obviously have to go through the ordeal of purchasing text books. I'm going to be using this one particular one for two semesters however since it's required for both so renting is out...
  17. Shamrock

    Price for this laptop? I'm totally unsure

    Well, I'm not sure where to go to with this question. The laptop is almost going to be two years old. It's a Gateway P-7811FX. It was purchased in September or October of 2008. The specifications are: 17" 1920x1200 Glossy monitor Full sized keyboard 2x320 GB 7200 RPM HDD 2.26 GHZ C2D...
  18. Shamrock

    Windows 7 stuck in error! D:

    Well, my computer froze so I held in the power button to turn it off, but when it boot up, it yelled at me in the Windows Error Recovery. It says that Windows was turned off untimely and that maybe power was lost and to just use the 'Start Windows Normally' button. I try it, and Windows goes to...
  19. Shamrock

    Changing icons in Windows 7 Superbar

    Well, the problem is I want to change me icons so they are in line with me theme I've got going on here, but for some reason certain programs open new instances of the program instead of opening it in the same icon. Let's take iTunes for example. I create a shortcut on me desktop, right click...
  20. Shamrock

    Wondering about my desktop

    I have a desktop PC that runs an AMD X2 5200 (2.7 GHZ), 4 GB, and an HD2900XT. How will it handle current games? I was thinking of starting to use it again as my laptop is showing it's age. I'm not sure what I'll mostly be running, but you can expect that I'll play any kind of game on it so...