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  1. wildchild730

    Blue screens and studiorender.dll

    Ok, lately I've been getting BSOD's while starting up all source games besides Garry's Mod. I have no idea why it started doing it lately as the games were working just the other day.. Anyway.. I looked in event viewer and at the times of the crashes it said something about eventviewer.dll. So...
  2. wildchild730

    its ****ing out now

    hello ep2 time
  3. wildchild730

    Gordon Freeman

    = Tbh.
  4. wildchild730

    Heavy exploit

    Theres a heavy weapons exploit which lets you run while shooting. Im not saying how to do it though. Just letting you guys know. ;)
  5. wildchild730

    Gmod crashing at startup

    I started getting this error yesterday. I was playing it fine the other night, with no problems at all. I tried deleting Gmod and downloading it again, didnt work. I tried validating the files, didnt work. Does anybody know how to fix it? I NEED GARRYS MOD. Its gmod 10 btw.
  6. wildchild730

    3D view in Hammer

    I'm gonna start making maps again for source, but in my 3d view, all I see is black. I move around a little in it but all I see is black still. I think this happened to me a while ago but I forget how I fixed it. Little help pleez?
  7. wildchild730

    Hi Danimal.

    i love you
  8. wildchild730

    How to be emo

    20 min video
  9. wildchild730

    So portal is the new techdemo? cool

    Yeah! I havn't been here for a while so sorry if this has already been asked.. So portal is the new tech demo?
  10. wildchild730

    Episode 2 article *spoilers*

    I was looking around hl2world, and I came across this A long article on ep2 It says in there somewhere that the gravity gun would have a new fire mode/ammunition like on something from the mini-striders
  11. wildchild730

    BC Rich warlock guitar model

    Made this one today in my free time Whattya think? :) EDIT: only 2nd model, beware
  12. wildchild730

    Zombine and Zombie Paper Scissors Rock

    Was bored so I opened up paint and did this
  13. wildchild730

    First model - Guitar

    Finished my first model today, here it is Actualy, its not 100% finished, I forgot the plug-hole-thing :P Shiny wood :) Whattya think?
  14. wildchild730

    Smoothing in 3dsmax

    Heh, I make too many threads - I DO google for these things first just so you know ;) How would I smooth out my model? I hate it looking all jaggie..
  15. wildchild730

    MDL importer/exporter for max8..

    Stupid max8, I cant find any MDL importers/exporters! Does anyone now of any for max8?
  16. wildchild730

    Rotating in 3ds max 8 :@

    Argh!! Rawr!! I'm having trouble with rotating things in 3ds max (v8) When I go to rotate something made of some things, like, something made of more than one object, it rotates them all separetely, and some of them dont do this.. How would I group objects together so that they dont do...
  17. wildchild730

    Marilyn Manson

    I don't care if he's a freak :P He makes good music, and I like it 8) Anyone else?
  18. wildchild730

    3Ds max 8 + half life 2?

    Can I use 3ds max 8 for half life 2 models? I downloaded a MDL importer/exporter but it didnt work (it did say it was for 6, but I tried it anyway).. Also, anyone know how to get hl2 textures working in 3dsmax? :P Or, any good links for all this stuff?? Thanks
  19. wildchild730

    EP1 update in SDK shortly

    I e mailed Gabe askin about the SDK and ep1 content, he replied: "We'll be announcing timing and contents of the SDK update shortly. Gabe"
  20. wildchild730

    Ep1 technology - phong

    Hey, I was reading HL2world forums in the ep1 section, and I came across this KLIK HERE Its a sort of lighting shader, you know alyx at the start when shes talking to Eli and Kleiner at the start? and she has the light sort of.. shining of her? well yeah, thats this! :) You can use it...