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  1. jAkUp

    My 1337 FEAR Video

    Tell me if you guys like it.. or hate it ;)
  2. jAkUp

    Tim Sweeney Interview (Comments on R520 and G70) Very interesting ending.... :D
  3. jAkUp

    Timeshift, Battlefield 2, and more videos! I am really impressed with the Timeshift demo, the ability to alter time is amazing! Check it out guys ;)
  4. jAkUp

    Prey E3 2005 Video!

    Not working in Firefox... but if you load it up with IE it works great :)
  5. jAkUp

    Xpand Rally Official Demo

    This game is awesome! Best graphics I have EVER seen in any racing game to date. Get it here: Check out these great screenshots I took :)
  6. jAkUp


    Man I am just really excited about this game, about 6 years ago I was a HUGE Destruction Derby fan, mainly the realistic vehicle damage, etc. I was also a pretty big fan of the Driver series. Now, although Flat-Out does not have a "bowl" style match from my understanding, it does have a few...
  7. jAkUp

    OMFG I met Gabe at E3!!!

    Unbelievable.. let me start at the beginning... this is how my day went at E3... what an incredible day: Click underneath each statement for a picture First we arrive, wait in line, some Americas Army helicopters flew overhead: Next, we arrive inside pretty packed: Pass up the Dukes...
  8. jAkUp

    another statement from the leaker...

  9. jAkUp

    delay is NOT confirmed

    jesse> According to a news article posted today on a UK press release, there is a Half-Life 2 delay. We already know that Valve does is not mentioning a delay. <jesse> We received an email from Mike Thompson who says he works for Vivendi Universal and writes: <jesse> quote: <jesse>...
  10. jAkUp

    check it out.. its half life2!!! wowz....:cheese:
  11. jAkUp

    look what the g0ts have to say

    just saw this over at.. well you know: man i really think these are the ones who are responsible\ its posted on the homepage:flame:
  12. jAkUp

    steam pictures.....
  13. jAkUp

    this is what happens when you mix...

    lol windows paint and an exisiting wallpaper.. hehe i take no credit for this, it sucks, but i was bored on my day off today:cheers: hehe all i did was add the pinstripe.. and the hl logo.. and a few other things... dunno who the original artist was.. so i give credit to him:afro: i did...