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  1. PoeticRocker

    Horror movie recommendations?

    Since I just saw David Cronenberg's The Fly, I don't think I've ever seen anything more terrifying and disturbing. I saw the original before, but it didn't have much of an impact on me like the remake did. What an amazing movie. It be cool to hear some recommendations on what horror movies...
  2. PoeticRocker

    Auto-Tune The News Parts of this video is catchy. Other parts are so annoying.
  3. PoeticRocker

    Actor Patrick McGoohan passes away today... This is such sad news for me. I absolutely loved him in The Prisoner as Number Six. A show that I could argue about being one of the greatest of all time. But most people will remember him as Longshanks in Braveheart, which was another...
  4. PoeticRocker


    I was wondering if any of you guys like this early 90s shoegazing band that I just recently discovered. I mean seriously I think their music is just so amazing, I haven't heard anything like it before. I think personally theyre a big step from My Bloody Valentine, which seems to be the most...
  5. PoeticRocker

    Giant Lego Man found on beach lol reminds me of the black monolith in 2001: Space Odyssey. Creepy...
  6. PoeticRocker

    Favorite Female vocalist or singer?

    I was thinking popular rock wise, but any other form of music is welcomed. Annie Lennox from "Eurythmics" Johnette Napolitano from the "The Concrete Blondes" Deborah Harry from "Blondie"
  7. PoeticRocker

    Do any of you roleplay?

    You know with the books... It seems to be a fairly popular trend going on with college kids. Games like... D&D Shadowrun Call of Cuthulu If so whats your favorite roleplaying game with your buddies?
  8. PoeticRocker

    Your favorite pickups for electric guitar?

    I just recently decided that its time for me to get rid of the stocks on my mexican strato and proceed to this supposed heaven of concrete pickups with higher output and less noise feedback. People are recommending the Lace Sensor Red ones, so I think Ill go try to discover that better "fat"...
  9. PoeticRocker

    The Clarification Discussion on being "Emo"

    Ok... Ive been wrapping my brain on this topic for awhile now. I attempted to listen to some rock tracks that people consider is "Emo". And yes those type of bands whine, scream, screech, and wear dark clothing that makes them look gothic or palely dead inside. So I see that they got their...
  10. PoeticRocker

    Underrated Movies

    Whats an underrated movie that you think is great and deserves more recognition then what it got when it was released? The Hudsucker Proxy I just saw this on ifc the other day and completely forgot how wonderful this film truely is. This movie was so well directed and written that I find...
  11. PoeticRocker

    Anyone crazy about ELO?

    Electric Light Orchestra God I love these guys!! Im just recently listening to their discography and its just great stuff. I mean their pop hits "Evil WOman", "Living THing", and "Telephone Line." Just really top songs. If you guys havent checked them out yet, I strongly recommend them...
  12. PoeticRocker

    How many girls do you know have been raped?

    I know some of you might see this an inappropiate question, but I've seen my good share of many threads here with inappropiate questions that never been closed. So Im gonna add this one to the heap. Im asking how many girls youve known personally have admited that they been raped. No names...
  13. PoeticRocker

    Most favorite musical decade?

    Since I just saw the thread on 90s rock, I was inspired to make this. I'm also mostly looking into a bunch of new bands from the 50s to now on satelite radio. Make a list from your most favorite decade to your least favorite decade. 1 90s 2 80s 3 50s 4 70s 5 60s 6 2000-now Show...
  14. PoeticRocker

    Any of you guys play Joint Operations?

    I just heard about it... and Im wondering if theres any difference with bf2 compared to it. Is it good or better?
  15. PoeticRocker

    Any of you guys watch Grey's Anatomy?

    Damn this show is great... I just barely got into it. Now I understand what all the hype is about. If you havent seen it yet, I highly recommend it.
  16. PoeticRocker

    Hell in the Pacific

    Anyone seen this film? I was pleasantly surprised of how deep it was from the start to finish. There was also humerous moments between Lee Marvin and Toshirô Mifune that almost made it a human satire. Just really great acting and alot more thrilling than cast away. 9/10 - Recommended...
  17. PoeticRocker

    Nowhere Man Series DVD RELEASE

    Any of you guys from the US remember this show? It's alot similar to "The Prisoner" and very thought-provoking so it wouldnt last 2 seasons on americas television. Im surprised they released it recently, I used to watch the show back in 1995 and was a huge fan of it. Too bad the series ended...
  18. PoeticRocker

    "Day of the Dead" Remake wow - he wants to continue on with the series. Im just kinda shocked by this, but dawn of the dead remake did rake in the appropiate cash. Some people didnt really care for this 3rd film in the dead series and Uwe Boll is executive producer on the...
  19. PoeticRocker

    The price of the CSS package according to amazon... Good ole faithful steam...
  20. PoeticRocker

    Fat Kitty Drawing First time using program, took me about 35 mins.