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  1. Iced_Eagle

    Internet Explorer 9 - Thoughts?

    Not true.;content IE9 wins in Javascript. The final tally for that benchmark was that Chrome won two, FF4 won one and IE9 won one. Overall it was pretty...
  2. Iced_Eagle

    Internet Explorer 9 - Thoughts?

    The final version was released last night. I installed it, and will be using it as my primary browser. Anyone else check it out?
  3. Iced_Eagle

    Internet Explorer 9 - Thoughts?

    Been using IE9 since the beta and loving it. Really fast, clean UI, nice features and I haven't had any compatibility issues yet! It's already my main browser and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
  4. Iced_Eagle

    Magicka: co-op diablo like rpg released tommorrow on steam

    First patch already released with more to come every 24 hours supposedly when issues are found.
  5. Iced_Eagle

    Kinect destroying Move

    Oh, well I'll agree with that for sure. :) It's not a total failure like the psp go. However, it likely isn't meeting Sony's expectations and probably also disappointing for them that Kinect is doing better. One thing I think Sony really fumbled on with Move (other than the fact that it's not...
  6. Iced_Eagle

    Natural Selection 2 Closed Beta!

    Based on past progress, I think they'll likely ship sometime in summer, MAYBE late spring if they can fix the last remaining tech issues that stand in the way from making every game you play fully playable (they're working hard on optimizing the server which seems to be the major issue). Plus...
  7. Iced_Eagle

    Kinect destroying Move

    That's nice Sony spin. For starters, 4.1 million is what they've shipped to stores, not what is sold to consumers, whereas the MS numbers are how many they've actually sold to consumers. Second, most Move users likely bought more than one Move wand, which goes into the figure, whereas you...
  8. Iced_Eagle

    Black Ops ****ed up my System

    As soon as the sound stuttering would have started, I would have given it 10 seconds to comply before shutting the computer off. Leaving your hard drive on full spin for 20 minutes is almost definitely what caused the problem.
  9. Iced_Eagle

    Natural Selection 2 Closed Beta!

    It already is on Steam... Sorta. You buy it through UWE's site, and they send you a steam key. It just doesn't have a store front or anything like that, probably since it's not ready for the general public yet. About the MACs, I like them as it gives the players more time to kill aliens and...
  10. Iced_Eagle

    Natural Selection 2 Closed Beta!

    It provides an interesting new mechanic for the alien side. Gorge's role is definitely lessened into a much more direct support role instead of being the teams backbone. Also, patch 156 was released today! Fixes a lot of issues with the server crashing (hydra spam doesn't really crash it...
  11. Iced_Eagle

    Natural Selection 2 Closed Beta!

    If you try to play immediately after a patch, for the next day or so there's usually so many people bum rushing the servers that they are basically DDOS'ing them, causing huge lag. There's other issues with server performance too (when a player joins a server, he gets sent a crapload of data...
  12. Iced_Eagle

    Natural Selection 2 Closed Beta!

    Not ready for beta. They may save that for final release, because they have a lot of other core pieces on their plate first. *Edit* However, they mentioned they were hoping to get that in during beta "in some form". Not sure exactly what though, and it sounded iffy so I'd say wait until final.
  13. Iced_Eagle

    In Line With Halo Fans

    My old roommate used to call Counter-Strike an MMO because a lot of people played it online, therefore it was "massive"... *facepalm*
  14. Iced_Eagle

    Games for Windows -- offerng Age of Empires 3 for 10 cents

    Picked up AoE3 for 10 points and BioShock 1 for 160 points! :D Not bad since I had extra points in my account. GFWL is definitely not as good as Steam, but I can't pass up a deal like this. Hell, even if I never play it, I'm at least showing MS that they should do crazy deals like this more...
  15. Iced_Eagle

    Natural Selection 2 Closed Beta!

    If you get on a stable server, then it's hella fun. Missing lots of things, so it's unbalanced, but still a blast when you get into some epic battles.
  16. Iced_Eagle

    Natural Selection 2 Closed Beta!

    It has issues, but it's so much fun. Well worth the pre-order cost. Plus they have been doing a great job of listening to the community and fixing issues as they appear.
  17. Iced_Eagle

    Kinect launch details, its what we feared...and worse

    Got mine on launch day with Kinect Sports and Dance Central. It's really fun! Especially during parties. I think most impressions I'm hearing from people is basically "oh shit this actually works pretty well" which is cool to hear. The dashboard stuff is definitely really cool. I'd say people...
  18. Iced_Eagle

    Windows Phone 7

    Now that the launch details have been announced, what is everyone thinking? I wish the Dell Venue Pro would have been on ATT, but the Samsung Focus looks damn good too. I'm pretty sure day one I'm throwing expandable storage in there (can have a 32GB card + 8GB onboard = 40GB total... plenty!)
  19. Iced_Eagle

    EVE - Tyrannis

    I've tried to get into it as well multiple times. Just got boring. :-\ If you're not in a corp, then the game just isn't that fun.
  20. Iced_Eagle

    Realtime Worlds, makers of APB is about to go bankrupt

    A majority of devs who worked on CD1 left Realtime Worlds to join Ruffian Games on CD2. Personally, I'm not a fan of Realtime Worlds now. APB is blah, and they don't seem to be making really interesting stuff.