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  1. mocho loco

    The Flower
  2. mocho loco

    Popular hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean runs for president in Haiti Hope to see this guy rebuild Haiti, he seems to be pretty passionate about his country.
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    Impressive "Meet the Pyro" unofficial video
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    Worst Christmas songs?

    What are some Holiday songs that make you cringe? For me it is Christmas Tree by Lady Gaga. I heard this from my sister and i thought it was just the most awful garbarge I had heard all season.
  5. mocho loco

    Satirical Novels

    So for the summer, I'm looking for something satirical and humorous to read. Anyone got any good suggestions?
  6. mocho loco

    Jesus is my best friend and the Bible turns me on
  7. mocho loco

    Zoey mod (NSFW)
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    New machinima!

    SSBM style!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Rizzo, Ennui, and Cheo! Plus Happy birthday GinSlinger, fizzlephox ,Chris-008, and Cylleruion2012!
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    World's Youngest Terrorist

    Some 11 year old kid working as a terrorist. Source and Video
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    Electronic music suggestions

    Any one recommend any good electronic artist? Songs? Sub genres?
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    First used avatar.

    What was the first avatar you used when you signed up to these forums? Here was mine:
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    Gametrailers Killzone 2 Review Makes me wish I had a PS3. :bonce:
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    How can she BONK
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    Your Favorite User

    Of all these crazy .netters who is your favorite of them all? (can be more than one)
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    Post Your Favorite Music Video

    well, lets see it.
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    Stick Figures On Crack 3
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    Whats Your Favorite place to chat with friends?

    where do you think is the best place to chat with friends msn or steam???
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    Teletubbies Accidental Porn
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    Requiem For A Dream