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  1. DrDevin

    What am I, 90?

    You would be suprised. In the past few years alone, laser surgery has improved, sunglasses that have the ability to change strengths based upon lighting conditions have become more affordable, the military has sets of glasses that have an LCD type lense that adjusts to every condition the eye is...
  2. DrDevin

    I am getting suspicious.

    You might have directx 9 installed but your card only supports up to directx 8.1 features. Your screens are also full of errors. You might want to check for problems. I used to have a Radeon 9200 and HL2 looked better than that. As for a new graphics card, we can't recommend anything...
  3. DrDevin

    bluray drives worth the moeny?

    Not to mention that the monitor must support HDCP and you need a way of piping audio into the connection. Even new motherboards such as AMD's 780g chipset only do Dolby 5.1 and none of the new 192kHz/24-bit TrueHD and MasterAudio formats.
  4. DrDevin

    PC Switching Itself On

    Check the BIOS to see if it is configured to "wake on LAN" or something similiar. Also, look to see if it is configured to "power on after AC loss". Those are often the culprits.
  5. DrDevin

    Vista Service Pack 1 is now out.

    Quick and painless. I've been using it for 4 hours or so and there have been no problems. There were no incompatibilities or install problems. Everything seems a bit faster (file copies, network file transfers, startup/shutdown). I also just purchased a 2GB 150x Patriot USB key and with...
  6. DrDevin

    Half Life 2 RTS

    Sounds like an amazing concept, none of that "acknowledged!" "affirmative!" crap! Click on [Gordan Freeman Special Unit]: *silence* Click to attack target: *silence* Ahh, now just let Merle Dandridge be in some real-time cutscenes a-la C&C and I'm sure it would get solid 10/10 ratings.
  7. DrDevin

    Music and Movies on Steam Later This Year?

    Maybe it shouldn't be Steam itself that does it (although I see no reason why not either) but I've always dreamt of a Steam-like service where I could purchase music (lossless), have it stored on my account and access it wherever I like, just like I currently do with my Steam games. Nothing...
  8. DrDevin

    Zero Punctuation: Sim City Societies

    Up Where We Belong (Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes)
  9. DrDevin

    I'm looking for good earbuds

    They are fantastic for the price, widely regarded as some of the best budget earphones around, along with the Koss PortaPro.
  10. DrDevin

    I'm looking for good earbuds

    It's true, you aren't going to get good sound out of an earbud design, so IEMs are probably the way to go. That said, you won't be able to hear any outside noise while wearing them (with a good set, you won't be able to hear vehicles pass you by at only a few meters), so I warn you about...
  11. DrDevin

    What Graphics Card Should I Get?

    What sort of expansion slot(s) and powersupply do you have? I need to know that before I can make a recommendation.
  12. DrDevin

    Wuts your internet speed?

    Even if my download speeds aren't incredible, I've always had great uploads and a good ping, especially considering the distance between me and anything else.
  13. DrDevin

    What sensitivity do you use?

    I keep mine turned up all the way, for maximum pleasure. (The default works fine)
  14. DrDevin

    Dad sells Guitar hero 3 for $9000 after son caught smoking pot

    This story is a good lesson. Now the child has learned something; he is an idiot for doing drugs. Why sell dope, when there is far more money in peddling Guitar Hero? Myself? I'd brand the father an ideal parent.
  15. DrDevin

    Computer Wont Start

    I once built a computer for a lady and one day it refused to boot up (no post or anything). When plugged in, all of the fans would spin up and it seemed to come to life. It was a faulty CPU that did it. I sent the chip back to AMD and got a replacement quickly. However, if your system does...
  16. DrDevin

    128GB solid-state hard drive

    They are getting larger and faster at an incredible pace. It is only a matter of time before they drop to a price level that I could call affordable!
  17. DrDevin

    Basic PC

    The whole list looks good to me. The X2 3600+ is a great chip, moving from any single core to a dual core really gives the whole system an overall "smoothness" that any user (despite their background) always notices. I've been using various Western Digital Caviar drives, almost exclusively, in...
  18. DrDevin

    Trying to convince my dad.

    What are you going to use besides MCE? I would suggest going with: "Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with SP2 OEM English W/ Vista Upgrade Coupon" You get MCE 2005 now and a copy of Vista Home Premium when Vista is released to consumers. If not it would be a waste to buy XP now...
  19. DrDevin

    Space Flight Comes to Life

    One suggestion I would make, although purely cosmetic, would be to add a sort of "glow" around the planets to simulate atmosphere while hiding some of the poor detailing that can happen with objects of planetary sizes! I did read your blog and the section on how you are changing the planets...
  20. DrDevin

    Choppy screen in higher graphics areas

    Can you provide your completely system specs, especially your videocard? Your CPU and RAM are fine but you did not post which videocard you have and like most PC games HL2 and the Source engine require a good videocard to keep framerates up.