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  1. Deleter

    Seriously Want to Learn C++

    Yeah thats a constantly debated topic. I think you need to understand basic algebra and the concept of logic (if, or, and, etc) just to be able to code, and past that can only help. Coding in my experience usually has a lot more to do with logic, hence the reason you draw a flow chart of code...
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    which of these books...

    I have book #3 and it is more on the game structure and designing games than on any realy solid code. So basically it teaches you how to put together games and design them, not code them, which I think is what you want. While it is a great book, and does show some coding stuff, it really is not...
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    Weekly Steam Update (16/09/05)

    yeah, there is this great thing called gmt....:)
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    whats the answer!....
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    Dystopia Demo Released!

    Yeah, you gotta have good teams against each other. Its really fun.
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    You'll never guess the English Handout I got in class.

    lol, thats good
  7. Deleter

    A crushing Combine wall

    tie an uber trigger_hurt to it? :cheers:
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    @Qwert93 , yep either Or the answer I had was so, yeah you go it right
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    edit: Here's another riddle Two words, my answer is only two words. To keep me, you must give me. What am I?
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    Dino-Instinct Update

    that system sounds exactly like Natural Selection, not CS, no? And, nice quote from Jurassic Park Sulkdodds. (I must have watched that movie thousands of times when I was younger.)
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    Dystopia Due for Release on the 9th of September

    cool, can't wait for it to come out.:D
  12. Deleter

    Minerva Mod Episode 1!

    That was really good, but too short. My only complaint is that the messages were displayed at pretty inconvienent times and therefore were sort of hard to read. Otherwise, good mapping, good music. I can't wait to see more.
  13. Deleter

    What are you working on RIGHT NOW?

    Nice, I like the barn.
  14. Deleter

    working Star Wars pod racer

    nice1 :)
  15. Deleter

    Making a Score board

    logic counter + game text?
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    Displacement Map Tutourial

    heh, i got hosting for it. i didn't even realize it was up O_o anyways here's the link: tutourial
  17. Deleter

    scared of the sky camera

    lol, he sees the light!
  18. Deleter

    NEW single player MOD.........Screenshots.

    get the bspzipgui by T1337 something or other, it works great. and no, you dont install it, you drag and stuff, but, i don't get it so I can't really help you.
  19. Deleter

    NEW single player MOD.........Screenshots.

    yep, can't wait for release. :cheers:
  20. Deleter

    Weekly Steam News (29/04/05)

    yeah, couldn't get into that mod, so i gave up...hopefullly i'll have more luck with the source version. they should make it in doom3 next :O