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  1. Plopfish

    nVIDIA did it (this is only for FUN)

    nVIDIA did it! The same company questioned for skewing 3DMark scores, realeasing Doom3 beta (for gfx testing purposes they had this beta) having very poor performing flagship cards running HL2 compared to ATIs, and having to play catch up to ATI's new XTs (bundled with HL2). THIS IS PURELY...
  2. Plopfish

    Can Steam handle HL2 release as is?

    *note the huge difference (8 fold) of bit to byte conversions Current Steam bandwith available (rounded up) is 1500mbps 1500/8 = 187.5 MBs avg acceptable DL speed is 100KBs (or 0.1 MBs , 10 sec per MB) Thus, 187.5MBs / 0.1 MBs = 1875 1875 is the amount of users the bandwith can handle...
  3. Plopfish

    forum sloooow

    I can only assume these creative forums ( are practically dead beacuase the game and SDK arnt out yet, I hope you creative people are just in hybernation ;-)
  4. Plopfish

    HL design process post-mortem

    Cool read. Figured people who frequent this forum would be interested.
  5. Plopfish

    HL design process post-mortem

    Interesting read if your into this type of stuff: Anyone know any info on a book or something detialing the HL2 creation process?
  6. Plopfish

    Mirrors and fun

    I would assume mirrors would be supported in Source. I am almost positive I read this somewhere, but the Search results come up with file mirrors or mirroring models in modeling software. Also, if there are mirrors, what happens when you face one mirror directly, or just within view, of...
  7. Plopfish Arena Contest

    this is a very cool thing, a mock arena and some starter code is provided for you to build your own bot to battle other bots, very interesting stuff (in a 3d isometric view, and of course its bot vs bot, so you cant interect with the bots once it starts) linky...
  8. Plopfish

    Size of Source and other engines

    How large (in file size or even lines of code) do you think Source is? How large was HL's engine and/or Ut2k3 And when a demo is released for a game, the whole engine must go with it , right? Edit: Just checked , the HL SDK Source Only was bout 18mb...interesting....
  9. Plopfish

    BUllets in Source

    Does anyone know for sure wether bullets will be physically created/emulated (like the crowbar is a rod in space) with mass and velocity to each bullet. This is highly unlikely given the processor usage to "chart" all those bullets, but I was just wondering.... Will bullets be like in HL1...
  10. Plopfish

    updating ?

    I wonder if this is a big update, or if it always adds some random stuff at 7AM est, shit, i think i need to go to sleep soon.....soearly....solate...:bounce:
  11. Plopfish

    Army of HL2 followers grows even larger

    Yeh Im new to these forums. Seems like a little tradition to post in here if your new. I also love Valve's dedication to the public!