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  1. f|uke

    When do you predict we'll see Aftermath?

    Day of Defeat has been "Coming Soon" since OCTOBER 2004. Aftermath isn't even on the "Coming Soon" list yet. This is Valve. Gotta Love 'em, but the bastards are eternally optimistic about release dates. We will NOT see Aftermath in 2005. :dozey:
  2. f|uke

    What would you rather have in the opposite sex?

    If those are my options, I'd rather be a bachelor.
  3. f|uke

    Kids not brushing their teeth

    Its generally that white shit on the tounge that smells so f'n bad. Gotta clean your toung e too.
  4. f|uke

    I'm back...

    I'm back too. Oh wait, no I'm not.
  5. f|uke

    The "F.E.A.R. Rocks!" Thread

    I'm not sure if youre being sarcastic or not. O.o I suppose some may see it as a Doom3 clone. But D3 was so.. cliche. Fear feels fresh and sophisticated compared to D3, and the effects and ai really seem to set it apart.
  6. f|uke

    The "F.E.A.R. Rocks!" Thread

    Another FEAR thread? f--- yah! This has been a slow year for gaming so far.. and the past three to four months especially so. So when something this good comes along,. well, its worth taking about, thats for sure. I just played the demo, and this game is the best thing to hit since HL2...
  7. f|uke

    the worlds first Second Person Shooter

    Yep! Then move with WASD. Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to turn.. Shoot with space. ALT makes you bend over but doesnt seem to accomplish anything. Oh, and the gfx and gameplay are total crap. Even for an alpha. I dont think this would ever work as a game,.. as the...
  8. f|uke

    What are your favorite movie soundtracks?

    Fav Soundtracks - Akira Singles Fight Club Garden State
  9. f|uke

    People are not born gay

    :laugh: I love how this guy thinks he can prove something by using the bible. Thats rich.
  10. f|uke

    Beck - Guero

    I loved Beck back in the day,. Mellow Gold/Odelay.. he had some good tracks since then and I know some people really enjoyed Sea Change, but IMO, his new album is the best since Odelay. Hes not as nonsensical as he was back then,. I guess he's outgrown that, and really I've outgrown that too...
  11. f|uke


    Baldness is not inherited soley from your mothers side.. it can come from either parent. Thats just an urban myth, though I wish it were true.
  12. f|uke


    I would never wear a toupee. I would, however, consider getting a hair transplant. The only real drawback to that situation is getting the donor follecules from the back of the head, something that will not be nessisary in the future. The best option at this point is Propecia. It will...
  13. f|uke

    Guild Wars?

    Too late. I bought it yesterday. ;) I must admit, the engine is awesome. I've never seen a game load so fast, and minimize/restory so smoothly. I'm running at 1024x768 w 4xAA and its smooth as hell.. And there are a ton of players, thats a fact. The only thing I'm unsure about, really...
  14. f|uke

    System Shock 2

    :dozey: Its not a WW2 game,. its another Sci Fi RPG FPS. Games rarely have brilliant premises.. hell, even HL2's premise is a tired cliche. Its where they take that premise, and the substance of the game that matters,.. and that team has produced nothing but quality. Bio Shock is gonna rock :D
  15. f|uke

    Guild Wars?

    Good deal. Not quite as many emotes as EQ2, but still I'm pleased. Now, if I can get my cousins interested.. one has said he'd rather play City of Heros. meh. Thanks for that insight, gh0st ;P Can I have your key?
  16. f|uke

    System Shock 2

    Oh yah! I remember seeing that once! :D Thats gonna rock.. We probably wont see it for another couple years tho
  17. f|uke

    Guild Wars?

    I'm thinking of giving it a go, for something I could play with my cousins (we're all looking for something to play together). I played EQ ages ago, and while I really enjoyed the social aspects of that game I could not take the tediousness and monthly fees. Guild Wars does away with that...
  18. f|uke

    5 games, 2 to me pick!

    Buy all of them.. thats a great line up Personally, I really enjoyed Invisable War. I'd go in this order: Farcry Prince of Persia (Is it Sands of Time? I LOVED that game) Splinter Cell Deus Ex Hitman
  19. f|uke

    Best Dreamcast game?

    Seaman is absolute shite. Its one of those 'virtual pet' games, where you use a mic to talk to the bugger. Boring and unrewarding.
  20. f|uke

    System Shock 2

    I want System Shock 3 !! Too bad we'll probably never see it ;(