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  1. WacK

    Amazing half-life 3 fan made trailer(almost makes me sad)

    I like it quite a bit. But just as 10n02 says.. it's super weird seeing Gordons face 'n stuff like that. Very well made though. Now time to replay all of the Half-Life games again. Been meaning to do so for quite a while. Also my first post in like 5 years on this site. Hooray!
  2. WacK

    Half-Life 3... completely different?

    I wanna play as dr.Kleiner dammit!
  3. WacK

    hey caroline means "free man" in german..

    So she's gordon! It all makes sense now.
  4. WacK

    Most underappreciated games

    That's funny, because i just talked about the Legacy of Kain games with my very good friend about a week ago. She claims to be a knowitall when it comes to good games, and especially platformers and horror games. However for some reason she didn't know about Legacy of Kain - wut? I showed her...
  5. WacK

    The Hobbit - Part 1

    New video blog! A whole 10 minutes and 27 seconds of set footage :-D
  6. WacK

    Most underappreciated games

    Why have i never seen this game until now? Looks sorta interesting: Oh and your're swedish? Then i like totally hate you... Truth is, I think most male danes hate on swedish people because we're envious of your looks. You're taking our women...
  7. WacK

    I wish someone would make a...

    Oh Oh. How about.. healthy food that tastes like junk food and candy n' stuff? Eh?.. eeeh?
  8. WacK

    Most underappreciated games

    Really? Haven't got a PS3 but i've tried Resistance 1 a long time ago and liked it quite a bit. If Blacksite Area 51 is just anywhere near that then i'm definately gonna check it out. I really need to play a new shooter and i'm not gonna spend a trillion buying Crysis 2 or whatever new stuff is...
  9. WacK

    Most underappreciated games

    'Sup, here's my list: - I am really diggin' Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (Xbox360) at the moment. The whole fiddling with different parts and finally making a vehicle that works how you want it to is really rewarding. Also the game looks gorgeous. - Mischief Makers (Nintento64) is my...
  10. WacK

    Minecraft = Love

    Just started playing this game a month ago. I can't get enough of it... for some odd reason. Haven't managed to create a giant cocknballs yet, however i'm working on it.
  11. WacK

    Google Mother****ing Chrome..

    That was great. I still use firefox though.....
  12. WacK

    Leonardo doesnt give a ****

    Yeah that's a decent meme. My favorite for the moment is ... i have a weird ass sense of humor.
  13. WacK

    I wish someone would make a...

    I wish someone would make a button for evey store so that if you want the reciept to what you just bought you could press that button. I find it sorta annoying whenever i go grocery shopping when the cashier asks me if i want my reciept. I'm not here to socialize! You are here to serve me, not...
  14. WacK

    RIFT (aka World of Everhammer Online)

    Recently quit WoW due to it being incredibly boring all of a sudden. Come to think of it. It's been boring for quite a while now... Guild Wars 2 looks amazing. If i'm ever gonna play an MMORPG again it's gotta be GW2.
  15. WacK

    A you does a smoke?

    Started about a year ago. I just kinda felt like i needed something to do. I smoke about 8 a day. But sometimes i can go a whole week without smoking a single one. I smoke when i feel like it. Oh. And the wacko tobacco of doom. I smoke that ocationally.
  16. WacK

    Whats your favorite class and why?

    Definately medic. Though when i'm not needed as a healer i like to go demoman. I find him just plain fun.
  17. WacK

    So has anyone here bought any items?

    Myeah prices are too high at the moment. I think the overall idea is great. The whole being able to trade with eachother is awesome. Let's hope they'll do some price drops soon.
  18. WacK

    7 Mother-Fing Years

    I joined in 2004. Which made me.. 14 years old at the time. Holy crap. I mean. I haven't posted all that much in all of that time, but i sure have read a lot of different poop here. I guess you could say that *sniff*. This forum is part o' my family!!!OMFG!!!!111oneone!
  19. WacK


    Haven't read an imagedump thread in like.. two years or something. Thank you all for making my life that much more awesom'er. *cries*
  20. WacK

    final episode of hl2? does that mean there wont be a hl3 or so

    I don't really think people care about the episodic format they where doing. Just gimme some badass Half-Life 3 stuff. I'm rather patient though... I just kinda want some sort of announcement soon-ish.